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Information - We do not advocate copyright theft. Merely if you seek to know what a record sounds like here is the opportunity to embrace knowledge.
Information please. Here is Demo track ("Fire) apparently a group called "BackTrack", London based.
Do you know them?
Information please. "Crescendo" - believed to be an Essex based band (1990s), we have 2 cassettes of them. Do you know them?
The "Yo Yo Band" (blues) performing "I Want to Thank You" at the Railway Tavern , Putney (1969), went on to become "Process" (LH pic).
The 1960's spawned a great deal of interest in R&B, jam sessions often produced moments of true music, I believe this has its moments. (The lead guitarist is one - John Dowling)
R&B, in the 1960's was influenced by the American negro culture, this is the Yo Yo Bands take on the T-Bone Walker classic, restored & remixed by Bonanza-Studios.(The line up - guitar/vocals - John Dowling, Bass - Bill Bucknell, Drums - Ray Keane, Rhythm - George Gillam)
Ska comedy number, this slightly politically incorrect ditty was performed and amused many times,  line up as above , vocals by Bill Bucknell
The "Yo Yo Band" (blues) caught live in a front room in Mitcham Surrey in the 1969 performing a litle known comedy instrumental called "The Thief of Old Bagdad". The drummer on this piece is now in BackTrack (see below).
(avi) Brian Diamond & the Cutters
Brian Diamond and the Cutter's, video sampler a montage of snds and pics AVI video (40 mb) click name. - or visit  YouTube (click link).
"Cementy Mental Journey" by  Commander Splatt Bucket & the Fumble Finger Five (2010), a studio session that owes its origins to listening to the "Piltdown Men" back in 1960. The melody is strictly 1944. More may be forcoming from this wayward set of session muso's who knows.
"Has Anybody Seen My Gal" by  The Wandle Concert Orchestra; (Music : Percy Wenrich / Lyrics : Jack Mahoney)(1914), a live session at Merton market (2014). The WCO are an amateur outfit based in the locality more may be forcoming from this spirited set of musicians.
(avi) BackTrack Band
YouTube video of BackTrack playing in Cyprus (2013),  the band members hail from  Surrey. The sampler demonstrates how many years of playing builds versatility and how the group sound should be tight.
(See pic below left)
Itchy Coo Park (mp3) (remixed at BS) as with all things musical dynamics can be enhanced starting with a quality piece, this allows the sound engineer the chance to add in subtle ways effects which, it is hoped creates further dimensions - see if you can spot them.
Demo song using Anvil Studio (excellent interpretation of Hotel California (Eagles) by Ramesh Krishnamurthi  (instru). (His site is currently down.)
Do you remember Embassy Records?- charity shops have many - an example of a restoration piece a cover version By Bud Ashton of Duane Eddy's hit.
We All went to the Zoo,  a restored track, original 78 (1932), demonstrates what can be done. (mp3/128kbs, click 2 play, right click 2 save)
The Duck Song,  a restored track, original 78 (B side) (1935), demonstrates what can be done. (mp3/128kbs, click 2 play, right click 2 save)
Oh, Charlie, Take It Away,  ("The Bell" label) (1914) restored 6" 78 rpm , original. (mp3/128kbs, click 2 play, right click 2 save).
Celestina, ("The Bell" label) (1914) restored 6" 78 rpm , original. (mp3/192kbs), click 2 play, right click 2 save). Good for getting baby 2 sleep.
Belle Gavotte,  ("The Bell" label) (1914) restored 6" 78 rpm , original. (mp3/192kbs, click 2 play, right click 2 save).Gd for getting baby to laugh.

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BackTrack (Still going strong, visit their web site!) Just My Centre Pane
Exit 1990 - Playing at Wandsworth Town Hall
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