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To understand any bands history it is important to know who, where and to a degree the members history. These pages attempt to do just that. It has been a long time coming but here it is.
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Brian Diamond Brian Diamond - in 2012
Where: Tooting
HH p.a.
Shure mic's

Earl Baron 5
The Cutters and Exit.
Supported/toured with John Leyton, Mike Sarne,
Craig Douglas, The Mini tones, and many more.
Composer and lyricist, currently enjoying a renaissance,
and writing new material

Based in Surrey
Doug HigginsDoug Higgins - 2012
(1936 - 2014)
Where: London

Club 69
Bruce Turner Jump Band
Mark Seven
Front Line
Brian Diamond & the Exit
Clive Peerless Jazz Band
Polygon Jazz Band
Box Car Kelly (C&W)
session musician
Based in Surrey
Pete SpencerPeter Spencer - in 2012
Where: Yorkshire

Professional musician,
worked with Process
Yo Yo band,
Brian Diamond & Exit, Foundations, Barry White,
Bill Hayley, Mel Torme, Frank Sinatra and many more.
Currently sessions, teaching and recording with various projects inc.working with Brian & George.
Owns and runs Hideaway Studios.

Married to Susan Hayter-Spencer - visual artist.
Based in  South London
George GillamGeorge Gillam - Keyboards
Where: Merton

Hammond GT7
Korg DX7
Roland SH1000
Technics KN800

Keyboards, guitar, vocals

The Morells, Yo Yo Band, Process, The Pearly Kings,
Brian Diamond & the Exit.
Currently sound & recording engineer at Bonanza-Studios, working with Brian and Pete Spencer.
Based in Essex.
Martin KirbyMartin Kirby - bass
Born: 1948
Where: London

Fender Precision
Thunder bird

The Vikings
Inner Circle
Inner Circle (2)
Stormy Monday
Dry Ice
Brian Diamond & the Exit
session musician
Based in North London
Paul HuggettPaul Hugget - guitarist
Where: London
Fender Stratocaster

Brian Diamond & the Exit
currently in Pheonix

Based in Kent
Ray FieldRay Field - Bass from - To
Where: unknown
Fender Precision

Ray joined Exit early on and stayed for about 5 years, a quiet relatively new player, but none the less solid on bass. Very little is known about his early history other that he lived in Streatham and worked as a driver for John Lewis. After leaving Exit it is believed  that he moved North. If anybody has any information please contact the admin.
Ray KeaneRay Keane - drums
Born: 1946
Where: London

Percussion, drums

Ray has worked with
The Morells, Yo Yo band
Fox Five, British Legion Military Band

Wavelength, Vintage 27

Brian Diamond & the Exit
Capital City, Deziner

Based in Sutton, Surrey, web designer & admin to various websites.
Dave WestDave Lawrence -  guitarist
Born: 1948
Where: Balham
Fender Stratocaster
Fender 160

Session musician,
founding member of the Iceni,
Tobias Rag, Vintage 27, Pendulum, Jade,
The basher Bros., Big Mac, Blind Panic,
Backtrack, Cross Purposes, Off the Rails,
Sovereign and finally

In 2016 Dave decided to retire.
Based in Devon where he has his own studio.
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