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To understand any bands history it is important to know who, where and to a degree the members history. These pages attempt to do just that. It has been a long time coming but here it is.

Dedication: Ted Slough
"Ted was a true front man and could really hold an audience."
Other bands covered
The Phantoms     (1963 - 1964)
The Nesters         (1964 - 1969)    
Nectar (1)            (1964 - 1971)
Outsband            (1973 - 1977)
Nectar  (2)           (1982 - 1986) (2)
The Wrinklies     (1994 - 2000)

Alternative Text

Ted SloughTed Slough (1936 - 2004)  - Vocalist
(1944 -2004)

Where: Tooting
HH p.a. Shure mic's

Nectar (1)
The Wrinklies
Wazzunt Us
Derek HubbleDerek Hubble - bass
Born: 1945
Where: London
Vocalist/ Bass

1962 Fender Jazz

Nectar (1,2)
The Wrinklies
John CadeJohn Cade - Lead guitar
Where: London

Fender Stratocaster

The Phantoms
Nectar (1)
The Wrinklies
Mike PooleMike Poole (1995 - 2005)  - Rhythm guitar
Born: 1948
Where: Surrey


Fender Stratocaster

Joined The Wrinklies in 1995
Retired in 2013

Les GreenLes Green (2006) - guitarist
Born: 1943
guitarist / vocals
Fender Stratocaster

The Viscounts
Dave & The Strangers (1958-62)
Stimulus (1970)
The Lady Jayne Band (1972)
Airport (1976)
Cats Eyes (1980)
Total Recall (1990)
The Wrinklies (1999)
Terry HusseyTerry Hussey (drummer)
Born: 1946
Where: London
Premier Drums
Avedis A Custom Cymbals
Roland TD-12KV kit

The Phantoms

The Wrinklies

Tim Stoyles Tim Stoyles -Landlord at The Royal Oak, Sunningdale
Born: 1967
Where: London
keyboards/guitar / vocals

Joined The Wrinklies in 2003

The Wrinklies history
The Wrinklies where not a new group, more a reinvention of 3 earlier bands; The Phantoms, Nesters & Nectar - See related pages above.
In 1993 a party was organised by John's wife (Billie) to bring together members' of the former groups and celebrate John Cade’s 50th birthday. (1994)
It was during this auspicious evening that Ted Slough suggested that several of the original members had a jam session,  which included the original Nesters
(John, Derek, Terry, and himself)
. Good enough - Terry picks up the story. "The records show that we (John, Del, Ted and I) actually had our first rehearsal at Pankhurst Farm, Bagshot Road, Chobham, Surrey on 13.08.94. and our first booking was for Chobham Cricket Club on 10.09.94."
Ted  Slough suggested they do a session at the public house where he worked. 
In view of the their advancing years they chose the name ‘The Wrinklies’ - Thus, the Wrinklies were born!!. (see Chobham News) 

Having dedicated musicians with a serious intent - The Wrinklies played various functions and dates over the next 6 yers. 
"We were only doing about 1 booking a month but it went on a few years and we had a lot fun reliving the old days and to raising money for various charities." [DH
Raising monies for several charities to the total value of 100,000.  One in particular was Great Ormond Street Hospital for children (see graphic)

*The picture above is of the Wrinklies live performance at the Rhoda McGaw Theatre, Woking on 15 October 2000. Prior to this Ted was interviewed  (11/10/2000)
on  Southern Counties Radio "Breakfast Live" show by Ed Douglas about the forth coming gig.  To hear the interview see the player at the top of the page.
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(usage by kind permission of BBC Surrey Radio).

In greater depth:
1995 The line up stood at Ted Slough (voc), John Cade (gtr), Derek Hubble (bass), new boy Mike Poole (gtr) and Terry Hussey (drms)  the subsequent years others joined the group for various tours.

Ted Slough, stage name (Teddy Moon} had an extensive career as a professional singer, working with legends such as Johnny Kidd and The Pirates, Twinkle and Unit 4 Plus 2 before moving to Chobham as an estate agent. Many years later he became a licensee in  the area and then a barman at several local pubs. He was managing the bar at Hankley Common Golf Club and living at Goldsworth Park, Woking when he died.  "Ted was a true front man and could really hold an audience and without his driving force the band decided to call it a day." (DH) Sadly Ted passed away in 2004. read Surrey Times report.

John Cade
  is a
founder and prime mover with the Surrey "Shadows" Club. and had a great deal to do with the information provided in these pages.
Still playing, most recent gig, 22-10-2016, Lille, France with the "The French Connection". see them in action here.

Derek Hubble choose to hang up his bass and devote his time to family. He was prime instigator in supporting B-S by suppling audio & visual data for use in these pages. Derek met with up with Brian Diamond, Pete Spencer and myself on the 27th of April, 2016. Which proved to be a real gas, lots of shared experiences.
Subsequently another meet was planned and occurred in October 2016. Where more of the musician's mentioned in these pages appeared.

Terry Hussey left the Wrinklies in 2000 to concentrate on his Consulting Engineering Practice and although now retired, keeps his hand in on a Roland TD-12KV kit at his home studio. [TH]

Mike Poole
on rhythm guitar  "Mark Knopfler might have been referring to him when he wrote Sultans of Swing. He knows all the chords; mind he's strictly rhythm, he doesn't want to make them cry or sing. That was Mike - steady as a rock."[DH]. 
In Mike's own words: a brief resume'  "I was a child of the 60s but remembered it. I was in a number of "groups" whilst at school in Sidcup.
The last one was "The Pentagons" which I left to go to university in September 1966. My guitar gently wept for many years until I sat in with my brother's band
in 1994/95.  "Strange as I recall  I mentioned it one night to Ted ........
Mike performed with the Wrinklies from 1995 to it's demise in 2000
. He continued playing with "Wazzunt Us" till 2004. During this time he pursued his main profession as an accountant. He retired in 2013.  [Hopefully we will hear more concerning Mikes musical exploits.][GG]

saw Les Green joined on ‘specialist’ guitar  Les now plays with ‘Blue Haze" in the Home Counties. For an informed brief bio click the link or read  Les's own account of his musical history to be found on the "Wuzzunt Us" page.

2003 Tim Stoyles joined as keyboard player Tim can be found 
on FB and  YouTubeHe is still playing and is the landlord at The Royal Oak, Sunningdale.

B-S would like to thank Derek, John & Terry for their contributions to the formulation of these pages.
*Data concerning Ted Slough:
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