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2003 - 2005
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Nectar (1)
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The Wrinklies
Wazzunt Us

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The "Wazzant Us" story as seen and remembered by Les Green.

Some details at this point in time are vague but information is still coming- so if you were/are a follower come to see how this area develops and if have any details please contact the admin.
Other bands covered
The Phantoms  (1963 - 1964)
The Nesters       (1964 - 1969)    
The Nectar        (1969 - 1971)
The Outsband  (1973 - 1977)
Nectar                (1982 - 1986) (2)
The Wrinklies   (1994 - 2000)
Wazzunt Us       (2003-2004)

Alternative Text

Ted SloughTed Slough aka Teddy Moon (1936 - 2004)  - Vocalist
(1944 - 2005)

Where: Tooting
HH p.a.
Shure mic's

Nectar (1)
The Wrinklies
Wazzunt Us
Les GreenLes Green - guitarist
Born: 1943
guitarist / vocals
70's Fender Stratocaster
Fender FM212R (2 x 12)
Roland GRO-9 Gtr Synth
Akai Analog (revb pedal)
Carlsboro PM12 moniter
Shure microphone

The Viscounts (1958)
Dave & The Strangers (1958-62)
Stimulus (1970)
The Lady Jayne Band (1970)
Airport (1980) Strange Brew (1983 approx)
Cats Whiskers / Cats Eyes (1983 - 1990)
Intruder / Total Recall (1990 1999)

The Wrinklies (1999 2000)
Blue Haze (2011)
Mike PooleMike Poole - Rhythm guitar
Where: Surrey


Fender Stratocaster

The Pentagons
Joined The Wrinklies in 1995
See Wrinklies page for bio info.

Derek HubbleDerek Hubble - bass
Born: 1945
Where: London
Vocalist/ Bass

1962 Fender Jazz

Nectar (1,2)
The Wrinklies
John M. PerryJohn M. Perry (guest guitarist)
Born: 1952
Where: London
session guitarist
Fender Stratocaster
Gibson Les Paul Junior

The Only Ones (1971-2015)

graphic coutrtesy of
Wikipedia CC lic
Gary SangerGary Sanger- drums
Born: 1970
Where: Aldershot
sound engineer
Currently with
intention avalanche
Guildford based group

Elizabeth Sanger
Currently no details

Teddy Moon and Wazzunt Us card (2004)Ted Slough aka Teddy Moon (1936 - 2004)  - Vocalist
Darryl PittDarryl Pitt - drums
Born: 1974
Where: Bracknell
BBC sound engineer.

More to come.
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The Viscounts - early photo (1958)
Les Green and The Viscountss reunion (2000)
Dave and the Strangers (1958)
Mayor of Guildford, Tina Gregory & Tony Brandon (25-26-1974)
October 25th, 1974
Dignity, glamour and charm, the main ingredients for a successful evening. Pictured [left] at a charity dance at the Plaza Ballroom, Guildford are the Mayor of Guildford, Mr A.A. Cook, this years Carnival Queen, Tina Gregory; and radio D.J. Tony Brandon. Other guests were Chicory Tip and Guildford's own pop group Lady Jayne. The dance was organised by Plaza Ltd. to raise money for the mayor's Bomb Distress Fund.
Supplied by Les Green
The Lady Jayne Band (1970) Blue Haze (2011)
The history of 'Wazzunt Us'
An off shoot of The Wrinklies band its main purpose appears to have been to raise money for specific charities, the prime mover being Ted Slough.
The group did several shows in which Ted Slough alias "Teddy Moon" was joind by members drawn from other groups who were involved themselves in the project. See above
At the time of Ted's demise the group came to an end.

ini bio
graphy by Les Green (guitarist)
I was born in London in 1943, moved to Woking in 1952.
1956 Started playing Skiffle with an old 'Wonder' guitar bought from a guy at school.
1958 Formed my first band with a bunch of friends, we called ourselves 'The Viscounts'.  (Upper RH pic|)
Personnel:  Dave Harris (voc), Martin Thompson (L/gtr), Desmond Cowper (drms), Ian Sam's (Tea chest bass), Les Green (rhythm gtr), (see photo left)
We later changed our name to 'Dave and the Strangers' with the same lineup, but we upgraded our gear. (see pic lower  LH)
1962 'Dave and the Strangers' disbanded.
1963 Joined a band playing "Rolling Stones" covers and rock 'n' roll, can't remember the name, but l can remember supporting Long John Baldry's band when l believe Elton John was on piano, I left same the year.
1969 Joined a band called 'Stimulus', met
Margaret Older and Roger Thackray which turned into the 70's Rock Band "The Lady Jayne Band".
1972 Line-up - 'Lady Jayne Margaret Older (voc), Dave Sheppard (L/gtr, voc), John Enever (drums), Roger Thackray (bass, voc), Les Green (rhythm gtr, vocals).
John eventually left and was replaced by Ken Richards.
The band went to make the demo tape at 'Potters' Studio in Ash Vale (long gone now!) which l still have, and still sounds good today! During my time with this  band we supported the Troggs in Haslemere, and in 1974. Did a charity gig supporting 'Chicory Tip' at the 'Plaza' ballroom in Guildford (see above), we also met Rick Parfitt (Status Quo) at Woking Working Men's Club, when 'Rain' (1976) had  just been released  (The club has now gone)..  Not sure about that [GG]
1980 Joined 4 piece band called 'Airport'
The line-up was: Ken Bannister (L/gtr, voc), John Lee (Drums, voc), Roger Thackray (bass gtr, voc) Les Green (L/gtr, voc)
1983 [circa] In the same period went on to join 'Special Brew'.
1991 reformed with Maggie and Rog as 'Cats Eyes', Maggie retired so we carried on with Jenny as the 'Cats Whiskers'
1990's (mid) also saw me playing in 
                - 'Route 66'
2000        - then I re-joined the 'Airport' group who had changed their name to 'Intruder' latterly to be called 'Total Recall'
2003        - The Wrinklies
I had a great time working with Ted, Derek and Mike [The Wrinklies].
                - 'Wazzunt Us' -
The line up in "Wazzunt Us" was Ted Slough (voc), Les Green (gtr), Darryl Pitt (drms), Derek Hubble (bass), Liz & Gary Sanger (drms), and Mark Porch (gtr).
Derek has also suggestsed that on occasion Mr. John Perry.

2011       - Blue Haze (still active - however with out Les)
2018       - Still playing sessions

John Perry
- For a informed biography -  see Wiki   Alternative sites reporting John history are  Link 1     Link2    Link3     YouTube
Derek describes John as"a session musician and a occasional guest with the Wrinklies/Wuzzant us, nothing subtle just a 'Rock n Roller'. He had a small 30 watt amplifier, but it really produced the sound". Editors note: On listening to those recordings made by Derek of John in performance his vocal interpretation and guitar musicianship - which sounds as though it was heavily influenced by the R&B of the 1960's.  Listen to the featured tacks both recorded at a public house in Chobham. The harmonica player who sat in was unknown to the band, but adds a useful dimension to the songs. [GG]

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