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To understand any bands history it is important to know who, where and to a degree the members history. These pages attempt to do just that. It has been a long time coming but here it is.
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The Phantoms   (1963 - 1964)
Nesters               (1964 - 1965)    
Nectar (1)          (1964 - 1971)
Nectar (2)          (1977 - 1986) (2)
The Wrinklies   (1994 - 2000)

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Edwin (Eddie) WilliamsEddie Williams (1963)
Where: Tooting

"The Plank"
(see text)

Derek HubbleDerek Hubble - bass
Born: 1945
Where: London
Vocalist / Bass
Framus 5/149 bass
Leak amp
18" spkr. unit.
The Wrinklies

John CadeJohn Cade - guitar
Where: London
Hofner V3

The Wrinklies
Danny Walsh Danny Walsh (1963)
Born: 1946
Where: Fulham

Ray Mulder   Ray Mulder (1963)
Born: 1941
Where: London

Terry HusseyTerry Hussey - drummer
Born: (1946)
Where: East Sheen, Surrey

Nectar (1)
The Wrinklies

The Phantoms (1963)

The Phantoms history

1963: In May 1963
John Cade (gtr) and his friend Ray Mulder (gtr) used to play together at weekends (mostly covers of instrumental band The Shadows). John wanted to extend this duo to form a band.  He put an advert in several of the local shops for like minded people. 
Terry picks up the story - "Eddie Williams was an old schoolmate of mine. He was born in London circa 1946. He was a bass player and made his first guitar out of floor boards. [Apparently dubbed the
"Plank with 4 bass strings on it!", JC} He and I got together originally to play Jet Harris/Tony Meehan tunes. Through an advert in a local newsagents window placed by John Cade and seen by my father [Mr Alfred Hussey], Eddie and I met John Cade and Ray Mulder and we formed
The Phantoms
Thus the line was set; John Cade (gtr), Ray Mulder (gtr), Eddie Williams (bass), Terry Hussey (drms).
Originally we were a purely instrumental group until Danny Walsh joined as our first vocalist. [JC]
Ed. note: Influence and content for bands was in the main 1950's instrumentals (e.g. The Ventures, The Fentones, Spotnicks and John's heroes The Shadows.)

1963 was a time of both cultural and social change and the band went through many changes in it's short career.
In the October of '63 a young vocalist Danny Walsh joined the group, his R&B style and influence was to add to the content and  appealed to the period.

1964: However,  only John and Terry were 100% committed to the music and
Ray Mulder (gtr) and Danny Walsh subsequently left in Jan 1964 to go onto other things.
(No further info available at this time). This was then followed by Eddie Williams (bass) March '64.

In an attempt to find a replacement an advert was placed in the Melody Maker music tabloid.
Derek Hubble
(bass/voc) answered the advert. Derek's career had started as vocalist in the school choir and had a more formal background in music theory.
He officially joined the Phantoms in April of 64 followed by Graham Talbot (gtr) in June '64. 
After some discussion among the members the name was changed on the 16/9/64 to "Nesters".  [JC]

[Editors note: There were other bands at the time who were also called "The Phantoms"; so the name change resolved this as a complication. [GG]

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