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The Phantoms
(The) Nesters
Nectar (1)
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The Wrinklies
Wazzunt Us

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Derek HubbleDerek Hubble - bass
Born: 1945
Where: London
Vocalist / Bass

The Phantoms

Nectar (1)
Nectar (2)
The Wrinklies
Other bands covered
The Nightriders  (1959-1961)
The Phantoms
     (1962 - 1963)
Nesters                 (1964 - 1965)    
Nectar                  (1964 - 1971)
The Process         (1969-1973)

Outsband             (1973 - 1977)
Nectar                  (1977 - 1986) (2)
The Wrinklies     (1994 - 2000)

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Malcolm TillierMalcolm Tillier (drms)
Born: (1936 )
Where: London
Drummer / vocals

The Nightriders
Ron Smith (1934 - 2014) Ron Smith (vocalist)

Where: Tooting


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John CadeJohn Cade - guitar
Where: London

Fender Stratocaster
Vox AC30 amp.
The Phantoms

(The) Nesters
Nectar (1. 2)
The Wrinklies
Montague "Monty"  Shute Monty Shute (keyboards)
(1946 - 2003)
Where: Surrey



Monty shown here in 1992.
Graphic & research
courtesty of  Mz A Smiddy

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Process (Malcolm Tillier(drms) (1973)
PROCESS with Malcolm Tillier (1973)
Bill Bucknall (bass), Pete Spencer (gtr)
George Gillam (organ)

Harry's Rest. & piano bar

Alternative Text

Preface: Malcolm Tillier had a lengthy career with several earlier bands. He joined Process (1969-1973) with Pete Spencer (gtr) and myself [GG].  He was a very capable drummer and we had a lot of fun in those years. (see Process)

OUTSBAND (1973-1977)
Outsband history by Derek Hubble
I first played with Malcolm Tillier [who had joined the group on the 9th of August, 1975] [JC].
‘Outsband’ were fronted by vocalist Ron Smith (now deceased), who was good enough to be called a pub singer (out of tune and out of time on occasions) who also played a rhythm guitar. Apart from being the front man he had a lot of contacts and got a lot of work to keep the band busy.
I played bass and sang either 1st harmony or occasionally lead vocal.
One of our lead guitarists was John Cade [who joined on the 19th of April, 1975][JC], with whom I had played for some time previously in a band called ‘The Nesters’.
He was an avid Shadows fan who learned and played everything as per recording and very well  – (see YouTube). 

I believe there was a keyboard player called Monty Shute [1946-2003] who also hailed from Surrey, but over time I lost touch with him. (MT)
Sadly Monty's son Mathew Shute (of Shute Tattoos, Carshalton, Sy.) has informed us of his demise.

Eventually Ron called it a day in Outsband and did its last gig on the 7th of June, 1977. We played as Nectar from then on … first booking 11/6/77 [JC] 
Malcolm Tillier moved on to join "The Casual Four" (1977 - 1981) fronted by an entrepreneurial music store owner - Nick Hatch..

Monty Shute and Harry's bar reminiscences.

Monty Shute back in the early '90's, played the piano in 'Harry's Restaurant' in Purley, South London and was a big fan of Chas and Dave. Monty was the life and soul of the restaurant. He also performed for the residents at one of the local nursing homes in East Croydon.

Harry's Restaurant and Piano Bar was at 4 Tudor Court, Russell Hill Road, Purley and opened in October, 1993. The restaurant closed in 1995 (see business card pic).
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