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To understand any bands history it is important to know who, where and to a degree the members history. These pages attempt to do just that. It has been a long time coming but here it is.
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The Phantoms   (1963 - 1964)
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Derek HubbleDerek Hubble - bass
Born: 1945
Where: London
Vocalist / Bass
Framus 5/149
Hofner (see pic)
Vox Foundation amp

Ted SloughTed Slough - vocals
(1944 -2005)

Where: Tooting

Vox P.A,

John CadeJohn Cade - guitar
Where: London

Hofner V3
Fender Strat
Vox AC30

Graham Talbot Graham Talbot - guitar
Where: Surrey

Fender Strat
Fender amp

Derik (Des) Cleal Derik (Des) Cleal (1966) vocals
Born: 1946
Where: Surrey Mid E

Vox P.A,

Terry HusseyTerry Hussey - drummer
Born: 1946
Where: London
Premier Drums
Avedis Zildjian cymbals

Nectar (1968/69) w Des Cleal
Rex Barnes Rex Barnes (1967) vocals
Where: Battersea

Vox P.A,

Nesters (1969) w Rex Barnes @ The Driftbridge Hotel
The Nesters photo shoot (1965)
The Nesters (Richmond Pk & OSV club) (1965)
The Nesters-Kingston Beat Festival (1967)
The Nesters photo shoot (1965)
The Nesters on stage (1969)
The Nesters card (1965)
The Nesters history
In September '64 "The Nesters" came into being as a result of the many changes in the Phantoms, this continued with the Danny Walsh leaving in November '64.
His replacement was Ted Slough  (voc) who joined in Dec '64. The members at this point in time were:
Ted Slough (voc), Derek Hubble (bass), John Cade (gtr), Graham Talbot (gtr) and Terry Hussey (drms). They worked steadily with Mr. Alfred Hussey as manger. Mr A. Hussey, was the manager of The Phantoms, The Nesters and of Nectar (first incarnation) right up to when Terry left the group.
The bands collaboration with the Peter G. Foote agency based in Tolworth, Surrey proved a winning liaison. Like many groups of the period the gigs played include weddings, clubs, pubs, cinema's, town halls and auditions. (see set list)
A favourite gig with the band was "The Overseas Visitors Club" in Earls Court, where during 1965, they frequently played
up to 3 times a week and often on a Saturday night as well.The boys were all working during the day at this time. Exhausting but exciting times.

Notable dates from an impressive calendar:
1964 (Oct) saw the boy's play the "Attic Club" in Slough with Jon Best & the Challengers (Decca).
1965 (April) saw them at the Coronation Hall, Kingston for the "Beat Contest" final, they came second to "The Cavedwellers" - but won a Pye Records test.
1965 (June) the boys went to ATV House (Pye) with Alan Freeman (BBC DJ) for the recording test and recorded 4 tracks.
1965 (July) Recorded demo's for 2 song smiths (Terry Dempsey & Dave Brown), interestingly at the Rayrik-Sound Studios, N.1 (also used by the "The Morells")
The two tracks were "Give It All You've Got" and "Tell Me". Both were recorded by The Nesters, as a session group, for Shapiro-Bernstein (Music Publishers).
The discs were cut at Regent Sound, Denmark Street, London. "Give It All You've Got" was recorded on 6th July 1965 to enable the song to be offered to The Hollies (one of our favourite groups with of course Bobby Elliott, one of my favourite drummers) as a possible follow up to "I'm Alive".
Personnel were Eddie Slough (voc), Derek Hubble (bass/voc), John Cade (L/gtr), Graham Talbot (gtr) and Terry Hussey (drms).
"Tell Me" was recorded on 27th July 1965 to enable the song to be offered to Cliff Richard as a possible Album track. Eddie Slough was not available that day so the personnel were Derek (bass/vocals) John Cade (L/gtr), Graham Talbot (gtr) and Terry Hussey (drms).

1966 (Mar) The boys do a fund raiser organised by the Peter Foot Agency to raise cash for Cancer Relief (see above - left).
1966 (May) Ted Slough  left the band and Des Cleal took up the reigns as front man and vocalist.
1966 (May) Dropped the "THE" from group label and became "NESTERS" on the advice of their agent. (Peter Foote)
1966 (Nov) Played supporting group to Acker Bilk and his Jazz band.
1966 (July)  Opened at  the "Scene Wise" club, Kingston as resident band along with the Beat Unlimited & Falcons (see above)
1967 (April) Saw the Nesters appear at the Excel Bowl, Ewell for the "Kingston Beat Festival" (see above - right)
1967 (Nov)  Last gig at  the "Scene Wise" club, Kingston as resident band - every Thursday for a year and half. (see above)
1967 (Dec) Found the lads in the A.M Sound Studios Twickenham recording backing tracks for the songs "Hey There, You there"/ "Empty Streets of Yellow Light".
                   both tracks written by Wilkinson, Bennett & Snow.
                   Vocals were added later. The original shellac demo discs have now been found and restored.
1967 (Dec) Saw the last gig the Nesters were to appear under that name.
1968 (Mar) Des Cleal leaves the band and Rex Barnes takes up the reins as front man / lead vocalist.
1968 (Sept) Graham Talbot exits the band to go on to other things.
1969 (Sept) The group on the 13/9/1969 changes its name to Nectar.

Derek Hubble suggests the reason for the many changes in vocalists who worked with Nester being due to the "backing unit was highly proficient and the singers joined, got ambitious and left. Every one of them had something different to offer and we did a wide range of music each bringing something new to the band".
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