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To understand any bands history it is important to know who, where and to a degree the members history. These pages attempt to do just that. It has been a long time coming but here it is.
Other bands covered
The Phantoms   (1963 - 1964)
The Casual 4      (1964 - 1969)
The Cousins       (1966 - 1967)
Nesters                (1964 - 1965)

Nectar (1)            (1964 - 1971)
Process                (1969 - 1973)
Outsband            (1973 - 1977)
Nectar (2)            (1977 - 1986) (2)
Phoenix                (1982- present)
The Wrinklies     (1994 - 2000)

Alternative Text

Malcolm Tillier   
Born (1942)
Where: Croydon
Premier kit


Derek HubbleDerek Hubble - bass
Born: 1945
Where: London

pre-CBS 1962
Fender Jazz
Vox Foundation amp
John CadeJohn Cade - guitar
Where: London

Fender Stratocaster
Vox AC30
Marshall (4x12")
Chris M. LongChris Long in Pegasus (1980)
Born: 1954
Died: 1986
Where: Surrey

Fender Strat
Gibson 330

Brian Diamond and the Exit
Stuart WilkinsonStuart Wilkinson (19?? - 2009) - guitar/vocals
Born: 1948
Where: London
Died: 2009
Where: Scotland

Fender Strat
Fender amp

see Swegas
see Phoenix
Arthur Tillier   
Born (1937)
Where: Croydon

Leslie Tone cab.
Process (Malcolm Tillier(drms) (1973)

PROCESS with Malcolm Tillier (1973)
Bill Bucknall (bass), Pete Spencer (gtr)
George Gillam (organ)

Pegasus (Chris Long right) (1979)
Chris Long in the Pegasus (1979)
Allan Collings (gtr), Ken Bates (bass)
Dave James (drms)

Phoenix (Stuart Wilkinson right) (1979)

Stuart Wilkinson in the Phoenix (1990)
Allan Collings (gtr), Dave James (drms)
Ken Bates (bass) (lower right)
Nectar (1982-1986) history
To define Nectar in 1982 is to consider a diverse set of musicians who arrive at a point in time from different angles. Although  another reinvention for some an extension for others.
Derek Hubble takes up the story: "Some years later
[1980]  I joined a local outfit called ‘Outsband’ with Malcolm Tillier on drums [see Process], John Cade on lead guitar [whom he already knew from the Phantoms, Nester, Nectar days] and Ron Smith as a very run-of-the-mill singer/rhythm guitarist. Ron (who has since died) decided to give up and left.
The trio carried on as a new incarnation of ‘Nectar’."  The line up consisted of Malcolm Tillier (drms/voc), Derek Hubble (bass/voc),
John Cade (gtr)
(1981) Another guitarist was added  in the shape of Stuart Wilkinson (gtr) {ex Swegas (1969-71) Stuart was a very versatile musician played synthesizer and had good vocal abilities.He also had experience a piano demonstrator for Harrods of London.
(1982) John Cade decide to leave to concentrate on family and business.
(1982)  John's replacement was found in the form of
Chris Long (gtr/voc) (ex Pegasus).
(1982) The last addition was Malcolm's elder brother Arthur Tillier (kbds), which brought another dimension to the bands sound.

The final line up consisted of Malcolm Tillier (drms/voc), Derek Hubble (bass/voc), Chris Long (gtr/voc), Stuart Wilkinson (gtr/voc) and Arthur Tillier (kbds/voc).
There were now three good lead voices with useful back-up singers in the Tillier brothers. The repertoire was wide, with the three lead voices having different qualities [and differing musical back grounds) they could do blues, country and acapella.

In the next 4 years the Nectar five piece did like many groups in the 80's did functions, social clubs and hotels, unfortunately fate dealt Chris the final blow and in 1986 suffered a serious brain haemorrhage's and died. Devastated by this turn of events plus the need for Derek to attend to 
family commitments. Nectar came to an end.

The members of Nectar went their own way.  (Below is brief rundown of the facts as known at the present.
Stuart Wilkinson did a spell with Phoenix (1988-1994) and subsequently moved to the Isle of Skye. Sadly he died of a brain tumor in 2009 (info from Keith Strachan
Arthur Tillier suffered a stroke (2013), Though not playing is still interested in music and added to these pages.
Malcolm Tillier [Process (1969-73)] hung up his sticks at the age of 51 (1993), despite a struggle with cancer is still interested in music and discussing passed events.
John Cade [Phantoms, Nester, Nectar] is still playing and can be found on YouTube being involved with the Surrey Shadows club.
John Provide many of facts and figures that are found in these pages - a true archivist - much appreciated - thank you.
Derek Hubble
[Phantoms, Nester, Nectar]  provided much of the background to the pages, - thank you.
He met with other members of Exit on April 27th, 2016, which proved  to be both valuable and satisfying experience for all concerned.
Derek no longer plays [a great loss to the music fraternity both vocally and musically - GG]

However the story does not quite end here ..........
In 1994, at John Cade’s 50th. birthday party, a lot of his old musical mates had a jam session, including the original Nesters with Ted Slough.
A suggestion was put forward that they could re-form, "just for fun" and to raise money for charities.
In view of their collective advancing years they decided to call themselves ‘The Wrinklies’.

It's Wrinklies

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