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1969 - 1971
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The Phantoms
(The) Nesters
Nectar (1)
Nectar (2)
The Wrinklies
Wazzunt Us

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To understand any bands history it is important to know who, where and to a degree the members history. These pages attempt to do just that. It has been a long time coming but here it is.
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The Phantoms   (1963 - 1964)
Nesters               (1964 - 1969)    
Nectar (1)           (1969 - 1971)
Outsband           (1973 - 1977)
Nectar (2)           (1977 - 1986) (2)
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Alternative Text

Rex Barnes Rex Barnes (1967)
Where: Battersea

Nectar (1)

Derek HubbleDerek Hubble - bass/vocals
Born: 1945
Where: London

Vox Foundation amp/speaker


The Nectar (1,2)
The Wrinklies
John CadeJohn Cade - guitar
Where: London
Fender Strat
Vox AC30
Marshall (4 x 12")


Nectar (1,2)

The Wrinklies
Alan D Glasgow Alan Glasgow (1969)
Where: Surrey S.E.


Mr Hussey (Manager w Peter Foote (entrepreneur)
Mr A. Hussey (Manager) also  with
Peter G. Foote (entrepreneur)
Terry HusseyTerry Hussey  - drummer
Born: 1946
Where: East Sheen, Surrey
Premier Drums
Avedis Zildjian Cymbals

The Phantoms
Nectar (1)
The Wrinklies

Nectar 1963-71 - Last call
Nectar at the Chislehurst Caves (May 1970)

Nectar history
On the 16th of September, 1969  the"Nesters" changed their name to "Nectar".  This was mainly due to the leaving of their lead vocalist Des Cleal and Graham Talbot (gtr/voc).
The band now a quartet had a personnel consisting of: Rex Barnes (voc), Derek Hubble (bass), John Cade (gtr) and Terry Hussey (drms).  (see set list)
Mr Alfred Hussey, was the manager of The Phantoms, The Nesters and of Nectar (first incarnation) up to the time when Terry left the group.
Along with Peter Foot Agency (Tolworth, Surrey) whom still supported the band, so work was there to do. (see above ctr).

Notable dates:
1969 (Oct) saw Rex Barnes leaves the band Alan Glasgow take up the reigns of lead vocalist.
Alan Glasgow would appear to have been influenced by Bob Dylan & Niel Diamond, elements of both can be heard in his phrasing vocal tone. [GG]
1969 (Nov)
Alan Glasgow joins Nectar and takes up the position of lead vocalist. (see above)
1969 (Nov) Booked at Pinewood studios end of film party - the film "Perfect Friday" (see Imdb).
1969 (cont.) From December onwards the band worked constantly with the usual range of gigs and venues, many of which other similar bands were performing at.
1970 continued in the same manner - weddings, clubs and London hotels.
1970 (May) A booking  at the famous Chislehurst Caves made welcome change ["a most echoic place to play in!"] (see above)
1970 (Dec) Nectar play at the RAF Chessington, great until packing up when somebody left one of the speakers behind. - Opps!
1971 (Jan) Brought more work until March and the band felt as a whole it that it was time to call halt, the stresses and strains of holding down a job and playing gigs
 can take its toll. "The decision was made to finish bookings at the end of June."
1971 (May) Fate plays its hand - Terry Hussey was taken ill. The doctor verdict stress and suggest complete rest, a blow to the band plans.
1971 The band play their final performance on the 22/5/1971.
1971 (July) A final reunion took place on the 27th when many members past and present gathered for a party. (see above left)
 It would be another twelve years and another party would re-open the music door to Nectar (1). (see Nectar (2).
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