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Derek Hubble
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Derek Hubble  Derek Hubble (1967)

Born (1945)
South London
/ vocals
Framus bass
Hofner bass
Leak Amp
18" Homebrew
Vov Foundation bass amp
Editors introduction
Derek's musical awareness started at school in Kingston. Apparently he had a choice of either a double biology lesson or singing in the choir. He hated biology! It turned out that he had a very good voice. Thus was trained to be principal treble. By the time his voice broke into baritone it was the early days of ‘groups’ and nearly every street had kids trying to play music.
Derek Hubble in his own write.
1961 and I was 16; in my first group with 4 other guys, all from the same street. Collectively we were called "The Blac Jacs" - Black shirts, trousers and white ties.  The personnel: Len Watts (l/d gtr), Ronnie Ainsworth (gtr) Colin Irwin (gtr) Colin Stetchman (drums) & me (gtr).  It is probably obvious to you (and us) that we were overloaded in the rhythm dept. We needed a bass player. I had a solid body, single cutaway, black & white Guyatone going through a Leak Hi Fi amp with a home-made 18" speaker. The bottom three strings sounded quite bassy so I taught myself how to play bass on it.
Irwin didn't last long and at some time we acquired a 'singer' called Mike Penton, we even cut an E.P. 4 track demo at  R.G. Jones's studio in Morden. We changed the name to "The Corvettes" and did local clubs and pubs. I still had the Guyatone and, although limited, it did the job. We lasted for about 18 months and then just split.
(1963 - 1971)  The Nesters/Nectar
In 1963 I answered an advert in the Melody Maker for a bass guitarist and joined ‘The Nesters’, based in Barnes. The backing unit stayed together with various front-line singers over the years. The name was changed to ‘Nectar’ on the advice of our agent who felt it better to omit ‘The’ from any name for a group.
One of the best vocalists was Ted Slough (stage name Eddie Lawrence) who was to feature in a reincarnation some decades later. Unfortunately when the drummer suffered a nervous breakdown and it was the end of that group and I just stopped playing.
The Blac Jacs     (1958 - 1961)
The Phantoms      (1963 - 1964)
The Nesters         (1964 - 1969)
Nectar (1)            (1969 - 1971)
Nectar (2)            (1982 - 1984) (2)

Nectar  (1970) Nesters (1970)
John Cade, Terry Hussey, Alan Glagow, Derek Hubble
Derek Hubble  Derek Hubble (2001)

In (2004)
/ vocals

Vov Foundation
bass amp
The Wrinklies  (2004)
The Wrinklies (2003)
John Cade
, Terry Hussey, Alan Glagow, Derek Hubble
Nesters at the Madingley Club, Richmond, Sy.
Derek Hubble, Ted Slough, Graham Talbot,
Terry Hussey (drums)

Alternative Text

(1973 - 1977)  Some years later I joined a local outfit called Outsband - an existing entity. The personnel consisted of Ron Smith (voc/gtr), Malcolm Tillier (drms), Monty Shute (1946-2003) (kbds). [MT]. Malcolm who had joined the group on the 9th of August, 1975. [JC]. John Cade on lead guitar who had joined on the 19th of April, 1975. [JC]. Ron Smith as a very run-of-the-mill singer/rhythm guitar. Ron (who has since died) left. The trio carried on as ‘Nectar’. Subsequently the three became five..
(1982 - 1984) Nectar (2) Stuart Wilkinson joined as co-lead guitar; John left and Chris Long came on board to twin with Stuart. Malcolm’s brother, Arthur on organ was the last to join. There were now three good lead voices with useful back-up singers in the Tillier brothers. The repertoire was wide, with the three lead voices having different qualities we could do blues to country a capella. Eventually family commitments required me to call it a day and the various musicians went their own way. In 1994, at John Cade’s 50th. birthday party, a lot of his old musical mates had a jam session, including the original Nesters with Ted Slough. It was decided that we would re-form, just for fun and to raise money for charities. In view of our collective advancing years we were called ‘The Wrinklies’ and were based in Chobham.
Subsequently others joined the group: Mike Poole on rhythm guitar, Les Green on ‘specialist’ guitar and Tim Stoyles on keyboards. That made it a six-piece.
Ted was a true front man and could really hold an audience. Unfortunately his fondness for red wine was to prove fatal and he passed away in 2004. Without his driving force the band folded and I have not gigged since. More information is hopefully to come - keep watching.
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