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The Process - one night in 1973

Members Biography
George Gillam (1973)
 George Gillam - Keyboards
Vox Continental
Hofner colorama
Sondyne Leslie Cab.
Electronics Engineer
This page is dedicated to "Process"  (1969-1973)

Although formed from the "Yo-Yo band" with Bill Bucknall (bass),  Malcolm Tillier (drums) and
George Gillam (organ/guitar). The problem was to find a suitable guitarist to enhance the bands reputation and musical abilities The outgoing guitarist at the time was a school friend Terry Fisk. Who although a good guitarist he was more at home with country music than the blues or rock influences of the other three. After several auditions and the use of deputising guitarists.
A young man from Brixton appeared on the scene and transformed the sound. This replacement circa 1969/70 was Peter Spencer. When Pete joined the band we considered a change of name would also be appropriate and  "The Process" was born.
Process at the Merton Social  Club (early 1971 )  
Bill Bucknall, Malcolm Tillier, (Dep gtr), George Gillam
Process (1970)
Peter Spencer (1973)
Pete Spencer (1973) Born:1949
Gibson Les Paul
Selmer amp.
Design Draughtsman
The pictures found in this article were retrieved from 35mm slides taken in 1973 at the Carshalton Social Club. A club which Process performed at many times. There were many other South London venues in the time the band was together, the mix of blues, pop, rock & roll and comedy songs had the audiences both amused and rocking on the dance floor. the bands antic's both on and of stage made it a fun time. See bottom right. These were 5 good years.
Sadly no recordings of the band exist, as far we know..
however, admin is now happy to report that B-S are now in  in contact with Bill and Malcolm. see links for more info
A request: If you have information concerning the band, particularly Malcolm, or Bill or the club in that period please contact the admin.
Process working the clubs (1972 )

Malcolm Tillier, George Gillam, Bill Bucknall,
Pete Spencer
Bill Bucknall (1973)

Bass guitar
Gibson EBO
Literary critic


Welcome! Enjoy the show...
Process at the Carshalton Social  Club (1973 )
Process (1973)
Malcolm Tillier (1973)
Van driver

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