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Process (1973)
Bill Bucknall

Personnel Biography
Bill Bucknall 
Born (1943)
Where: Morden, Surrey
Gibson EBO

A few memories
Bill had been at the same school as I so we had an affinity from the beginning. He also at the time, as I remember was reading 3 books a week and writing critique's. We met up again in 1968 when looking for a dep bass player to cover for one Terry Stanford  the bass player in the "Yo Yo band". After several sessions at the Railway Hotel in Putney, Sth London it became obvious that Bill's expertise raised the level of music - he was asked to join. Bill had a wicked  sense of humour, it was crazy at times, but made the group a lot of fun.
Bill married his first wife Eileen in 1968. He joined Hodder & Stoughton (books) in 1973.  Eileen and Bill divorced in 1988 and he met Pam his second wife in 2005. [GG]

Bill in his own write:
"I loved the publishing business, and met yonks of authors, sports people, show biz types, politicians, film stars, musicians. I always considered myself very lucky to be involved in music and books-my two passions in life. Retired from Hodders in 2003 reaching the status of sales manager. Then worked part time in a bookshop for another few years. In the main due the health problems, splitting with Eileen and early on-set of arthritis meant I gave up gigging in 1987, but I love to go to gigs, Most notable - saw Les Paul at the Iridium Jazz Club on Broadway a year or so before he died. I enjoy cruises as I cannot get about very much, so it is a good way to see the world in comfort. Still love music." [WB]

Bill currently lives in Horsham, Surrey and has been taking an active interest in the development of these pages. More information is hopefully to come - keep watching. [GG]

Bill and CC at rehearsals  (1984)
Bill Bucknall,  Peter Clifton,  George Clark

  The Daemons (1964 - 1968)
  The Process    (1968 - 1973)
  The Cue          (1973 - 1979)
  Phase 5           (1974 - 1982)
  Cade County   (1983)
  CCB                (1982 - 1988)
Eileen's Tillier & Bucknall at a Process gig (1973)

Process at the Merton Social  Club (early 1971 )

Bill Bucknall, Malcom Tillier, (Dep gtr), George Gillam
The Yo Yo Band (1968) Railway Tavern,  Putney
Bill Bucknall, Dep drummer, John Dowling, George Gillam

One door shuts and another one opens

CCB (1982) British Legion Club,  Horsham
Peter Clifton, George Clark, Bill Bucknall
Pete Clifton [Member of CCB now in CLJ]

Flash player

The Daemons (1964 - 1969) 

The personnel: consisted of Dave Rosser gtr/voc), Bill Finkle (gtr/voc) Bill Bucknall (bass gtr/voc), Dave Holloway (drms).
The Process (1969 - 1973)
In 1969 Process had obtained a 3 night a week, 4 month residency at the Railway Hotel, Putney, Sth London. The line up included George Gillam (gtr). John Dowling (gtr) and Bill Bucknall (bass) and a deputizing drummer (no name). John left to move out of London and was replaced by Pete Spencer (gtr),  Malcolm Tillier  (drms) joined when the residency came to an end. Many good gigs were had playing a mix of rock n roll, blues and pop in the clubs and pubs in and around London.  In 1973 the members of Process went their separate ways.
The Cue (1973 - 1979
Bill teamed up with Malcolm Tillier (drums), Dave Rosser (gtr/voc)
Phase 5 (1981 - 1982)
was a 5 piece unit. Maria (?) (vocals) (? * 2 guitars), (?) drums Bill Bucknall (bass) who "was only with them for under a year."
Cade County (1983) Strictly country music.
Bill depped with Cade County for a 4-5 months, but declined their offer to join as all the bass they wanted was basic country style.
CCB (1980 - 1985)
Bill's last band was called CCB (stood for Clifton, Clark and Bucknall). We mostly played blues and rock stuff mostly-people like J.J. Cale, Dire Straits Hendrix, that sort of thing. The line up was: Peter Clifton (gtr) (vocals) Bill Bucknall (bass), George Clark (drums) (later replaced by Dick Jones (drums).
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