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Malcolm Tillier & Arthur Tillier
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Malcolm Tillier   
Born (1942)
South London
/ vocals
Premier kit
Malcolm came from a musical family.  His older brother Arthur Tillier played accordion and piano. Malcolm's original instrument was the piano. However influenced by listening to the radio and TV, in particular "6-5 Special". Malcolm's Mum noticed he had a good ear for rhythm, so bought him drum kit. Buddy Rich became his inspiration.and he studied.  Listen to "Late in the evening" -  Flash player below.

Malcolm's earliest recollections on the bands he has been in start in 1959.

(1959 - 1961)  The Nightriders
Malcolm Tillier (drms), Arthur Tillier (accordion), Richard McNally (gtr), Keith Pike (bass) and Michael "Mick" Hayes (gtr/bass).

(1964 - 1969)
  The Casual 4         - 
Malcolm teamed up with a Norbury music shop owner in The Casual Four. Personnel: consisted of Nick Hatch (gtr) Malcolm Tillier(drms) and an assorted number of deputising musicians.

(1966 - 1967) 
The Cousins  originally an accordion duo the line drew back together Malcolm Tiliier (drms), Arthur Tillier (accordion), Richard McNally (gtr), Keith Pike (bass) and Michael "Mick" Hayes (gtr/bass).

(1969 - 1973)
Process  had just finished a stint in the Railway Hotel, Putney Sth. London when Malcolm joined to make the line up George Gillam (organ). Pete Spencer (gtr) and Bill Bucknall (bass). Many good gigs were had, playing a mix of rock 'n' roll, blues and pop in the clubs and pubs in and around London. In 1973 the members of Process went their separate ways. However Bill and Malcolm carried on renamed.
The Nightriders  (1959 - 1961)
The Casual 4
        (1964 - 1969)
The Cousins         (1966 - 1967)

Nectar (1)              (1967 -1971)
The Process          (1969 - 1973)
The Cue                (1973 - 1979)
Outsband              (1973 - 1977)
Nectar                   (1982 - 1984) (2)
Arthur Tillier    Arthur Tillier (2016
Born (1937)

Where: Surrey N.East
Organ (Hammond)-
The Process  (1973) Carshalton, Surrey
Carshalton Club Surrey (1973)
Bill Bucknal
l, Malcolm Tillier, Pete Spencer, George Gillam
Process at the Merton Social  Club (early 1971 )
Bill Bucknall, Malcolm Tillier, (Dep gtr),
George Gillam

Alternative Text

(1973 - 1979)  The Cue   Bill Bucknall (bass), Malcolm Tillier (drms) and Dave Rosser (gtr/voc) mainly playing blues and country rock.
(1973 - 1977)  Outsband
were an existing entity, Derek Hubble picks up the story - " I first played with Malcolm Tillier [who had joined the group on the 9th of August, 1975] [JC]. ‘Outsband’ were fronted by vocalist Ron Smith (now deceased), who was good enough to be called a pub singer (out of tune and out of time on occasions) who also played a rhythm guitar. I played bass and sang either 1st harmony or occasionally lead vocal. One of our lead guitarists was John Cade [who had joined on the 19th of April, 1975][JC], with whom I had played for some time previously in a band called ‘The Nesters’.
He was an avid Shadows fan who learned and played everything as per recording and very well  – (see YouTube). 
Ron had an advantage for the band as he had a lot of contacts and found a lot of work which kept the band busy." The personnel: consisted of Ron Smith (voc), Derek Hubble (bass gtr/vocals), Malcolm Tillier (drms), Monty Shute (1946-2003) (kbds). "Eventually Ron called it a day and John Cade, Malcolm & I went out as a trio under the name ‘The Nectar’ (1)  (origins of a latter named group)."
(1982 - 1984)
Nectar (2) see link
Malcolm carried on gigging but in 1993 Malcolm decided to hang up his drum sticks. In the main due ill health. Arthur Tillier also retired due to heart difficulties.
Both still live South London and have been taking an active interest in the development of these pages. More information is hopefully to come - keep watching.
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