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Due to certain pupils not observing the rules of use the admin has come to
the decision that this area will be closed down at the end of April
Teachers, pupils or Parents who would wish that the area remains, should email the admin.
In the event that there is sufficient demand the Bonanza-Studios administrators will reconsider.  

Current resources are listed below, files are in zip format for easier downloading.

Discontinued due to lack of student participation.

April Quiz1 Colour Me a bit of fun: The file contains 2 graphics that you can colour. Schools can also submit (Scan/use Up/loads)
 - Make sure you Name it (an alias is ok), age, School] [winners get a mention on the roll of Honour]
.331 KS1/2
April Quiz2 Guess the book/character use either link (left/right), read, fill in your answers and press submit -"Simples!" Who Am I
April Quiz3 X-Ray puzzle (KS2/3), identify the skeleton with the right animal - (9 ?'s), submit your answers by eMail or upload area.
X-Ray quiz .417
April Quiz4 Picture puzzle 1 (KS2/3) identify the proverbs from the pictures - (6 in all), submit your answers by eMail or upload area Pict puz1
April Quiz5 Compound Words Quiz (KS2/3) identify the meaning of the words - (12 in all), submit answers by email. Compound Q .067 All
Topic Work
Mountain conflicts (Year 5/6), Compare "Natures" world with "Mans" world - this may help to understand (Mr. G)
The Celts
History of Britain for the children of Year 4, who I spoke to and wanted to know the orgins of the Brythons, Gaels & Picts.
Squares Game - print it out follow the instructions - play it with Mum, Dad, brother/sister or friend. good fun to think about. Squares .126
Courtesy of MediaFire - written in java script means it will run on Macs or PCs - Funny! [See the readme file]
GPacman .181

Aim: Some notes to help study the implications of "motivation" for Business Studies . (Refs inc.) (use 4 Homework)

Planet Maths
Program - covers basic arithmetic (+, -, x) long Div. and Algebra, in my view excellent. (Origin. for Win95, works OK on XP.) Planet Math .663 All
Simulator Harmonograph Creates patterns using Trigonometry, (useful for KS3/4), also see DT for original Harmonograph design. PHS15 .059 All
2 Boats (KS2/3/Parents) (doc) paddle boat (rubber band), catamaran yacht (sail) - easily made models, class or home.  (BS-rebuild) 2Boats 1.2
Metric Measurement
Metric measures can be problematic the inclusive pack contains a basic info and worksheets to solve the mystery's -
KS2 year 6 -"Practice makes perfect!" (3-doc, 1-pdf, 1-ppt).

HF_Metric arithmetic_pack
.169 HF-Pri
Code of conduct

For  pupils who wanted to know the lowest age they could officially hold an account with MSN.  The services are designed for individuals 13 years of age or older. Parents please read TOU file.
.036 All
Bugs Bunny Lyrics - MS Word doc. (as requested by pupils in the area) (original song can be found in the Music area). Bugs Bunny! .004 All
Molly Boat Coordinate Geometry (graphs), simple exercise using ordered pairs, fun to do, worked example included. (KS2 -2 on one page for simple printing)
Molly Boat
1.71 GJS
Alien Face Coordinate Geometry (graphs), simple exercise using ordered pairs, fun to do, worked example included. (KS2)  (Instruction sheet, worked example, graphic fun, extension xls file for ICT). Alien Face
.776 FPS
Many schools are at the moment coping with the initive concerning "Internet abuse", this file is based upon the guide lines laid down for end users. In this case primarily children, placed here for parents and pupils.
.024 All
Nightmare Claws
Print the graphic file, read the instructions, cut-out, and have evil nails.
.6 All
Spider ring
Print the graphic file, read the instructions, cut-out, to make the "Spiders" ring. Ring
.097 All
Buck Rogers Helmet
Print the graphic files, read instructions, cut-out, to make the Buck Rogers space helmet.
4.13 All
Alien mask
Prt graphic files, read instructs, cut-out, assemble Alien mask  (They can't hear Mum scream in space!) Alien
2.84 All
programming skills
This is not a games site, however, IT4life asks for games/programming knowledge. The programs below are from an era when "DOS" prevailed and programmers had to keep their games small. They may give Yr 7/8 some ideas. They have been checked and do run on Win XP or use "DosBox" 4 Win 7.  see software page Unzip each file into its own directory/folder. Rescue Rover
rescue him if you can

If you are a Intel Mac user and would like to run the tested games below go to the software page, see "Boxer"

action game
Cosmo is known as a self extracting file. Unzip file into its own directory/folder - after extracting from the zip file, Click  on The Cosmo-1.exe file. Use the files that are extracted.  Como is a "fun guy" - sticky hands!
Commander Keen1, another little guy with whole new set of dilemmas to solve.
Platform game Crystal Caves. Be a miner and collect those diamonds - Yes! Proceed to higher levels, use the many doors/lifts. CrystalCaves .181 KES
Q&A /Gen. Know.
Trivial Pursuit (original version), but quite difficult questions, Family fun, see readme files (tested Mac ok)
Platform game
Putty - Good graphics. Win users run putty.exe,  Mac users run PUTAWE.BAT (tested Mac ok) Putty
Platform/Action Duke Nukem 1 (tested Mac ok) shoot'em up - the original DN1 .322
Platform/Action Duke Nukem 1b (tested Mac ok) shoot'em up - Fan produced new scenario - just as much fun. DN1b
Platform/Action Duke Nukem 2 (tested Mac ok) shoot'em up - the sequel DN2
Problems solving Felix (BolderDash) (tested Mac ok), Collect all the stars in the right order for a high score. Felix
Platform/Action Prince of Persia (tested Mac ok) solve problems, fight evil dudes in Arabia PP1
Platform game Secret Agent (tested Mac ok),  problem solving, shoot'em up, great fun - 007 eat you heart out! SAM1
Platform game Mario (Dos ver.) (tested Mac ok) solve problems, collect points (You know the game) Mario
Platform game Dark Ages, (tested Mac ok),  problem solving, shoot'em up, great fun Dark Ages
Platform game Gods, (tested Mac ok), Solve puzzles, work your way through labyrinths, destroy evil critters (Check Read Me file) Gods

If you are a Intel Mac user and would like to run the tested games above go to the software page, see "Boxer"

If you have something you think would be useful to other pupils -
 submit the item in the uploads area - admin will check/moderate the submission and place it here.

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