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The study of cause and effect.
Current Science resources are listed below, files are in zip format for easier downloading. Mac and Win PC's have built-in facilities, but you may like to use alternative archiving software, e.g. ALZip, WinZip, WinRar, Stuffit, etc. If difficulties are encountered "Right click" mouse and use "Save as" from menu.
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Science 101, general facts originally taken from the Dan Dare annual, it offers interesting facts about the world. Good class discussion. Science101 2.0
Food Chains (KS2), ppt, good in the classroom covers most aspects of food, prey, predator, habitat, ect. or for pupil revision (SAT's).
Mosquito/fly trap (KS2/3), (pdf), good in the classroom/home, practical application of Sci/DT activity. Resources easily obtainable. (BS-rebuild) MosquitoTrap
Simple Minerals & Vitamins chart (KS2/3/4/FE) (doc), classroom/revision use. (BS-rebuild) Mins/Vits .008
The Heart function (KS2/3) (flash executable), very good simulation, demonstrates how the heart circulates blood around the body.
Heart Circ
Heart & pulse (ppt), (KS2/3), nicely put together covers all you will need to explore heart rate, measurement, graphs, read notes/click on slides to run Heart 1.84
Mini Beasts (KS2), pdf, very well presented doc from Rutland, concerns Frogs, Frog spawn, Tadpoles and water life, good for Spring.
Mini Beasts
Forces (KS2), docs, nice write up, good for projection, pupil quiz to check pupils understanding. (Good for year 6 revision)
Microscope & eye Lesson (diagrams) (docs) (printable), all you need for a lesson (tested), info (displayable), cut-out, pupils to label. Microscope 10.5
Rotation, Earth by night pack (KS2) (jpg, doc), selection of pics of the earth at night to explain rotation, moon/sun, light pollution. Rotation 2.0
Metals (KS3/4/FE/Pro), (doc), covers metals found on the planet, their uses by man, e.g. Iron, steel, zinc + facts/figs. Good for Geog, Eng, DT. (BS-rebuild) EWMch3
Asbestos1 (KS3/4,FE, Parents) (pdf) - Useful spider diagram - lesson implimentation/memory aid/wallchart, Gd coverage, Reg user (RKGJ) submission. Asbestos1 .052
Asbestos2 (KS3/4, FE, Uni) (pdf) - Pro training/data sheet - 13 pages packed with info - Gd coverage, Reg user (RKGJ) submission. Asbestos2 .100
Professor Britain1, covers the development of electricity from early to modern times - useful for pupils studying Mr. Faraday
Prof_Brit1-2 5.21
Michael Faraday, constructed by pupils at Seven Kings School (edited), gives useful biographical details about the man. SKMFaraday .79
Science theory test paper -Grade II (KS3/4/FE) (doc) (1961 electronics studs. paper), Ohms law, etc - makes interesting comparison - challenging!
Basic Circuits, (KS2/3), (Doc), Aim: To be able to describe & draw clearly the components used in a simple electrical circuit  (“schematic”).
Electrical theory (KS3/4/FE/Pro), (doc), aim: enable students to gain an understanding of assessment in the work place. (4 strands) (30?s) (BS-build) ETA
Ring circuits (doc), (KS4/FE/Pro) this little book (1968) covers all the practical know how required to install and understand electric ring circuits.(BS-reb) RingCircs 2.60
RTEB-Electricity basic principles (doc), (KS3/4/FE), chapters 1, 2, Telephony, Electricity Voltage, Current, Resistance, Ohms Law. (G.N.Patchett)
RTEB-Electricity - chapter 3 (doc), (KS3/4/FE), Conductors and Insulators, Effects of Temperature. Tables of resistance, examples and Q&A.
RTEB 3 .024
RTEB-Electricity - chapter 4 (doc), (KS3/4/FE), Power & Energy, Watts & concersion to heat, light, sound, mechanical energy, examples and Q&A. RTEB 4 .024
RTEB-Electricity - chapter 5 (doc), (KS3/4/FE), Resistance - Types, colour codes, series & parallel equations using Ohms law, examples and Q&A. RTEB 5
RTEB-Electricity - chapter 6 (doc), (KS3/4/FE), Batteries - Types, design, internal resistance, formulas, etc. Useful in class or student revision.
RTEB-Electricity - chapter 7 (doc), (KS3/4/FE), Magnetism, permanent, electro, simple motors, formulars, etc, Good diagrams (all RTEB are BS-rebuilds) RTEB 7
Wireless Constructor (1931)(vol.13, no.61) (pdf) (KS2/3/4/F.E) Journal, T.R.F receivers, A Crystal set, current events at the time, historic documentary & much more. WC1931
Television Society Journal (1942-43)(vol3, no.10) (pdf) (KS3/4/FE) These journals cover a lot of history concerning television development during WWII.
In depth coverage of specifications for post war use, including frequencies, methods of transmission, research, scanning rates etc.
Television Society Journal (1944)(vol4, no.3) (pdf) (KS3/4/FE) Terms & definitions explained, Baird's telechrome (colour TV), American standards.
RTV44n3 25
Television Society Journal (1944)(vol4, no.4) (pdf) (KS3/4/FE) New types of test equip., Large screen TV, American data, Volt meter for comples waves.
RTV44n4 26
Television Society Journal (1943)(vol4 ,no.9) (pdf) (KS3/4/FE) CRT design, RADAR's influence on TV, French TV, Film the backbone of TV.
RTV45-6 22
Television Society Journal (1946)(vol5, no.12) (pdf) (KS3/4/FE) Effects of Fading, TV's 5th Network, TV economics, BBC TV in Guernsey, A. Flemming
RTV46n12 30
Television Society Journal (1947- 49)(vol5, Index) (pdf) (KS3/4/FE) Index to items/articles  between 1947 - 1949.
RTV47-49 1.3
Television Society Journal (1958)(vol8, no.11) (pdf) (KS3/4/FE) Transistors in TV's, Error correction in Shadow Mask CRT's. Reception of Australian TV.
RTV58 34
Radio Constructor July (1959) (vol.12, no.12) (pdf) (KS2/3/F.E) Resistor/Capacitor colour codes, Undertanding T/V, Signal tracing, Transistors & much more.
Radio Constructor Feb  (1961) (vol.14, no.07) (pdf) (KS2/3/F.E) AS Oscilator, 20 watt Power Aaplifier, Undertanding T/V, Wiring up a work bench, Transistors & much more. RadCon61 14
Short Wave Receivers For Beginners (1960) (pdf) (KS2/3/F.E) All the basics about propagation and reception of the higher frequency bands. Principles of circuit construction.
Modern Television circuits (1956) (L.G Furley) (pdf) (KS3/F.E) (synchronisation, EHT, alignmment, picture control, Test card, most of the basics are here.
TV Basics56
Watts in an Amplifier? (doc), (KS3/4/FE), Desc. decibels (db), formulars, earth loops, Amplifier classes, schematics, diagrams, etc (BS-rebuild/updated) WIAA
Springline Reverberation Unit schematic (pdf)), (KS3/4/FE), Circuit diagram of mixer reverb unit using transistor. specifications aand components supplied, etc Reverb Unit
MIDI Interface Technology (pdf), (KS3/4/FE/Uni), written by R.D.Ball, Description., formulars, schematics, diagrams, Gd coverage (BS-rebuild/updated) Midi_Int

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