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Religious Education (RE)

Current Software resources (freeware) are listed below these files are in zip format for easier downloading. Mac and Win PC's have built-in facilities, but you may like to use alternative archiving software, e.g. ALZip, WinZip, WinRar, Stuffit, etc. If difficulties are encountered "Right click" mouse and use "Save as" from menu.

Buddah, (KS2/3) doc, well written history/philosophy and development, easy to read, originally found in the CI. (BS re-build.)
Cathedrals, (KS2/3),(ICT/DT), ppt, designed to explore places of worship, the architecture and materials employed. Questions included.
Cath-ppt 1.78
Genesis Day1 (Old Testment) ppt, covers genesis 1-50, times lines, good if you are at a school for short or long period.
Gen_Day1 .063
KS3/4 Religion and Human Experience (Introduction Lesson), ppt, wordy, but a lot of useful data, (submission from reg. user)
RE & Humanity .4
Creation Story pack, (3 files) Genesis 1-50 doc, ppt, Q&A/tasks pdf (7 pages), makes a useful contribution to understanding the Old Testament  vs Darwin's Evolution theory, or just as a straight forward Judaeic/Christian religious background. Drawn from several sources.
Symbols & Symbolism, simple but effective ppt plus worksheet concerning meaning and purpose of symbols, their various uses, from basic to religious. Equally useful for English, Science, PSHE or for Parents to use in the home study environment.
Religeous Icons, pdf file containing 8 iconic pictures of prophets, saints, mother and child, can be used with symbols or in art.
Iconic pics
Noah & the Flood, (KS2/3) (RE or Eng) MS-Word doc, Text contains 3 different versions of the flood story, comprehesion task included.
Initiations, Covenants and Ceremony, (KS2/3), ppt, searchs for an answer to the question "How are people influenced by the groups they belong to?" equally useful for English, Literacy, PSHE or for Parents to use in the home study environment. ICC
Joshua (life) and the battle of Jerico (doc, jpg), (BS re-build) contains details, lsn guidance and pictures, good for interactive projection screens.
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Christian Novels (1963), (RE/Eng/Hist),(KS2/3/Adult), (Doc) BS-rebuilds, a reflective view of the beliefs, morals and abilities of children of the time.
Christian Novels (1964), (RE/Eng/Hist),(KS2/3/Adult), (Doc) the magazines are useful for a topic week, they contain alagorical stories, activities, class assembly possibilties, childrens activities. The stories are Adult in nature written by Edna Chester (Aunty Fay) but do not cross any boundaries.

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