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Psychology - The study of the human mind and behaviour
Sociology - Structural and Functional
American Psychological Association British Psychological Society

Current resources are listed below. Files are in zip format for easier downloading. Mac / Win PC's have built-in facilities, but you may like to use alternative archiving software, e.g. ALZip, WinZip, WinRar, Stuffit, etc.

Psychology Handbook vol. 1-12 (pdf) (available to Registered users only)
Psych_Handbook 41.3
Foundation Course: Below are a series of student/teacher lesson notes from a course in counseling/hypnotherapy (1987) re-built  to assist would be students in developing the skills required. The coverage is extensive; the original course consisted of one academic year with two exams to finish.
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Certificate in Hyponsis and Counselling Course  (CHC) Set book reading list. (pdf). These were the foundation texts which students were expected to read and consult in there development during the year.
CHC1 (doc), (FE), Task sheet, "The Role of the Counsellor.", some phrases to appraise and consider.
CHC1 .007
CHC2 (doc), (FE), Personal development, Dealing with self-esteem (student worksheet), tasks included.
CHC2 .007
CHC3 (docs), (FE), The use Language in Counselling and active listening. Functions of the Unconscious mind. Contains suggested reading
CHC3 .168
CHC4 (docs), (FE), Transactional Analysis, Ego States, Attributions, Injunctions, Drivers, TA shield, Therapy methods, etc.
CHC week4
CHC5 (docs), (FE), Client-Centred Psychology, Carl Rogers,  method & process, six client situations for discussion and practice. CHC week5
CHC Homework (wks 5/6), (doc), (FE), apart from questions and tasks the doc specifies the readers required to cover the course.
CHC hw
CHC6 (docs), (FE), Behaviourism, history & development, therapy, models of character development as seen by differing schools of thought.
CHC week6
CHC7 (docs), (FE) Approaches to habit control, Ideo-Motor Response, anchors, use of questions, reframing exercises, Spiegel,  Erickson, (15-pages)
CHC week7
CHC7b (jpg), (FE), Counseling pit falls, things to watch out for when you begin to practice.
CHC8 (docs), (FE), Professional and ethical considerations towards therapy, doctors & drugs, chemotherapy, pharmacology, exercises
consider unrealistic standards, objective thinking, use of metaphor, considerations of mental disorders.
CHC week8
CHC9 (docs), (FE) - Negotiation reframing, therapeutic stories, habit control & perfomance anxiety, hyperventilation, common symptoms,
chronic patients, Central Nervous System (CNS), personal difficulties, exercises.
CHC week9
Transactional Analysis, E. Berne, Games People Play, (pdf), (KS3/4/FE/personal) (Student re-written book 2004,) (found on the Internet). GPP
Transactional Analysis, T.A. Harris, I'm Ok, Your OK (pdf), (KS3/4/FE/personal) clean scan of the book, (found on the Internet) . ImOKUrOK
Transactional Analysis Game Matrix (large scanned jpg A3), (FE) a great deal of information displayed on one sheet, ideal wall chart.
TA Matrix
Transactional Analysis (101) exam, (doc), (KS4/FE), Open book past paper, test your knowledge, could you pass? (BS-rebuild) TA101
Transactional Analysis (PAC questions), (doc), (KS3/4/FE), test your knowledge of yourself, and the origins of Personality  (BS-rebuild) P-A-C test
Focussed Expressive Psychotherapy, (doc), (KS4/FE/Uni), The work and procedures (contains client dialog.) used by Dr. R. Daldrup, (BS-rebuild) FXP
Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), (doc), (KS4/FE/Uni), Dr Peter Wrycza, interesting intro to NLP, principles for Bus. & Educ. (BS-rebuild) NLP
Teacher Training Notes (KS4/FE), (doc), assessment, aims & objectives, functions, principles of learning, motivation, Maslow, hierarchy (BS-rebuild)
Teachers TA Seminar, (KS4/FE), (doc), target audience, training & NQT whose experience is KS2/3 rather than in FE environment. (BS-rebuild) Teacher&TA
Teachers On Call (Supply), (HTML) Useful descriptions and sound advice for NQT's, Canadian in origin, tho written 2000 it still holds good.
Is Psychology a Science (doc, essay) Science, pseudo-science, psychology, theory, perspective, critique (3600+ words)
Thinking about social psychology, (KS4/FE/Uni), (doc) Marie Jahoda appraises change in a well written example of essay writing. (BS-rebuild) M Jahoda .015
Para-psychology, (KS4/FE/Uni), (doc, essay), Jane Henry, explores in this essay; Psi phenomena, Early research, Methodology, (BS-rebuild) Parapsych .024
Social psychology & the individual: Focus, freedom and control, (KS4/FE/Uni), (doc, essay), Isabel Clarke, well written, lots of facts. (BS-rebuild) SocioIndiv
Stress and social support: Some facts of life, (KS4/FE/Uni), (doc) M.J. Power, example of the structure to use in report writting & stats. (BS-rebuild) MJ Power
Classical Conditioning (KS3/4/Uni/FE) (pdf), Palov, info, examples, lesson worksheet (freebie by Curriculum Press), very well put together.
Contextual Reinstatement (doc),(KS4/Uni/FE),  Brief outline of a day school (1988), refs, useful for students seeking overview of memory. (BS-build) ContxtReinst
The Self Concept (pdf), useful definitions and background data.
Self Concept
Freud Cognitive therapist (doc), (KS3/4/FE), overview of the man and his life, timeline, diagrams, egostates, nodes, notes from a seminar. (BS-build)
Freudian Film Theory (ppt), covers (Psychoanalysis) (Id, Ego, S.Ego) , (Libido, Thanatos, Catharsis), revision and classroom lesson/check.
Defense of Psychoanalysis (doc, essay), Psychology, Freud, psychoanalysis, discussion paper
Critique&Defense of Psychoanalysis (doc, essay), Psychology, Freud, psychoanalysis, discussion paper
Essay Guide (KS3/4/Uni/FE) (doc) planning and writing psychological essays, simple sheet for use in a lesson or as pupil guidance.
Essay Guide
Milgram Obedience (pdf) (based on ppt slides) a lot of useful data concerning the experiment, ethics, etc. (found on the internet)
"Headstart"/Hiscope & Piaget (doc), The Way Children Construct Knowledge, essay/technical assessment, Good for teachers or students.
Child Development notes (doc)(KS3/BTEC/FE/Parents) Early dev [weight, teeth, etc], nappies!, feeding care (sterilisation), diseases (rebuild)
Child/Cog. Dev. spider diagram (jpg) (KS3/4/BTEC/FE) example is 1of 5, (Personality Motivation, Language, Info. Processing. (Reg. users)
Cog Dev
Meet Your Brain (doc) (KS3/4/FE), concise description of the brain, good diagrams, simple but informative exercise.  (BS-build) YourBrain
Brain Food (doc), (KS3/BTEC/FE/Parents),  lesson,  article/info - discussion on processed & fresh food intake, questions, activity.  (BS-build) BrainFood
Brain Tid Bits (doc), (KS3/FE/Parents), Lesson, discussion, self actualisation/determinism, methods to improve brain function, quotes,  (BS-build) BrainTidBits
Questions for Thinking (doc) Did you ask a good question today? R. Fisher's article is written for teachers, but it is applicable to all students.
Sociology, Unit on the Individual and society, (docs), more for teachers than students, unit struc./assessment/ background info.
QTS summary sht (ver.oct07) (pdf), useful if you are considering becoming a teacher.
QTS routes
Essay (Registered user) (doc), attempts to answer "why individuals carry out atrocities ‘under orders’?" - Please do not plagiarise, info only.
Enhancing recall by successive increases of sensory input, (KS4/Uni/FE), David Joyce, example, well written report on cognition/memory. (BS-build) Mem_recall
AS Psych (doc) The syllabus has changed since this student booklet was produced however; the basics remain the same - useful.
AS Psych (doc) Revision questionnaire: 20 questions to answer - Useful  to both teacher and student.
AS Psych (doc) Attachment notes-: Basis of attachment, "cupboard love", theoretical perspectives, theorists, etc.
AS Psych (doc) Forensic Science notes-: finger printing, casting, forgery, chromatography, lie detectors, blood trace, etc.
Statistical Decision Chart (KS3/4/Uni/FE) (doc), useful layout - A4 Landscape, class/lesson sheet or aid to memory. (BS-build) StatsDC
Social Adjustment scale (KS3/4/Uni/FE) (doc), by T.H.  Holmes & R.H.Rahe. guide to life events and their results on human illness. (BS-build) Social Adj.scale
Thinking Tests, (doc), (KS3/4/Uni/FE), Use of objects, Consequence,  'S' test, Number test, Circles test, Word Association test. intriguing c/w.
Thinking tests
Looking at Creatitvity, (doc), (KS3/4/Uni/FE), Def. & Discussion, Convergent & Divergent thinking, tests and games. V.G. (BS-rebuild) Creativity
I.Q. test-simple (doc),(KS2/3/4/FE), 20 questions, covers general knowledge, problem solving, pattern matching, Good class exercise (BS-rebuild)
I.Q. Mental MOT, (doc),(KS3/4/FE), A bank of questions, arithmetic, problem solving, pattern and cognitive skills, Good class exercise (BS-rebuild) IQMentalMOT
I.Q. tests (doc), chap.1 only, (Educ/personal use) 13 interesting problem solving questions. (complete book avail. to regd. users only)
I.Q. tests
Myers-Briggs test, (doc, exe),(KS3/4/FE) The MBTI is a psychometric questionnaire designed to measure how people perceive the world. MBTI
Biorhythms (s/w), (KS3/4/FE), original prog. 4 Windows 95 (discont.)(tested on XP ok), Biorhythms charts for Phy, & Mental state (Gd discusion)
Star Personalities, (KS3/4/FE/Uni), (Doc), empirical study of Astrology (1982) about Hans Eysenck (stats & graphs). Well writen essay/article
Believe In Stars, (KS3/4/FE/Uni), (Doc),  Astrology essay/article, well written, informative, refs.discusses beif/non-belief/newspapers (BS-rebuild)
Optical Illusions (ppt), (KS3/4/FE), this is really nice gestalt range of illusions (14) demonstrating both cognitive and optical abberrations.
Optical Illusions (ppt), (KS3/4/FE), this is really nice range of modern illusions (7) demonstrating literal, physiological and cognitive illusions.
O-Illusions202 .355
Brief History of Hypnosis (doc, essay), Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, NLP, Mesmer, Braid, Charcot, Janet, Pavlov, Coue, Freud, Jung,  Erickson
Overview of Hypnosis  (doc, essay), altered states of conciousness, trance, purpose and use. (short and concise)
Hypnotism Fundmentals Pt1 (pdf) (KS4/FE)  History, Therapeutics, Suggestibility, Hypnosis, Personality, The Brain, Sleep, ASC, Susceptibility
Hyp pt1
Hypnotism Fundamentals Pt2 (pdf) (KS4/FE) Variant Sexuality, Sexual Dysfunction, Skin Disorders, Heart Disease, Headache/migrain, B-S rebuild Hyp pt2
Hypnotism Fundamentals Pt3 (pdf) (KS4/FE) Note this book is intended for Students and practioners (V. complete), if you are beg. read Pt1/2, 1st Preliminaries, Relationships, Testing, Body-Sway Test, Pendulum Test, Induction, Progressive/Cumulative Relax., Time, Method , and more... Hyp pt3
Hypnotism Fundamentals Pt4 (pdf) (KS4/FE) Self  hypnosis, Mutual hypnosis, Refs., Index. Note: page #s are original - All B-S rebuilds
Hyp pt4
Hypnosis & Neuroscience (doc, extract-4 pages), Gd history/background, modern approach, states of conciousness, trance, purpose & discussion.
Improvement Through Self-Hypnosis (doc, essay), altered states of conciousness, trance, purpose and use. (short and concise) ITSelfHyp
Self Hypnosis course (Uni/FE/Trainers) (doc), Training notes, exercises, scripts, Intended those whom wish to cover the subject over 2 days.
Choice Theory (doc, essay), Dr. William Glasser, perception, control, relationships, behavior, human needs  (Good overview)
PowerPoint value or pointless (doc, essay), Good discussion area for students and teachers. Should professional ignore thre trends?
PPT? .005
Serial Killers (doc, essay), (KS3/4/FE) considers history, pathology, aggression, society, murder, narcissism. (1873 words)
Serial Killers .085
False Hope (doc, essay), (KS3/4/FE) considers the psyche, cancer, hope, overbruggen social, medical behaviour and language.  (918 words)
False Hope .055
Pathology of Love (doc, essay), (KS3/4/FE) Basic intro. considers views of  behavior, psychosis, biochemical changes. (959 words)
Path of Love
Features of Personality Disorders (doc, essay), (KS3/4/FE), cvrs. mental, statistical, disorder, behaviour, culture (679 words)
PersonalityDis .005

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