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Poetry Workshop (ppt) (KS2/3/4/FE), Used many times, complete coverage, defs., examples, suggestions for practical clasroom work (12 slides) Workshop
Rhyming Poems (ppt) (KS2/3/4/FE), Useful lesson, deals only with rhyme, uses "rap" as an example, fun. (5 slides) Ryhme
Poetry book, (doc), (KS2/3/4/FE), (BS-rebuild, ebook), Author (BG Ambler - {1852-d?}), excellent Victorian poetry, 11 poems, range of themes.
BG Ambler
Kate, (doc), (KS2/3/4/FE), - aim to consider, respect for the elderly and infirm, emotional content, sympathy, empathy, (Gd PSHE) (BS-rebuild) Kate
Paul Rivere, Eng/Hist/poetry, (KS2/3), the poem in full by H. D. Longfellow, fascinating reading, brilliant graphics, (BS re-build)
Paul Rivere 2.21
Tullular Snell, Eng/Hist/poetry (KS3), WW II poem, bawdy/humourus, Aims, background and questions for consideration on w/s. (BS-rebuild)
Mary Louise & her wonderful key (KS1/2), Aim: To consider good manners. Many possibilities for Hist, Eng, PSHE, class writing. (BS-rebuild) Manners
Victorian 4 Eng/Hist/poetry, (KS2/3/4/FE) 4 classic verses originally intended for holiday reading. (BS-rebuild) Victorian4
Goosey, Goosey (KS1/2), (doc), Aims: linguistic development, learning to rhyme, memorise, discussion of meaning, writing (copy). (BS-rebuild) FstLev1 .500
Little Tom Tucker (KS1/2), (doc), Aims: linguistic development, learning to rhyme, memorise, discussion of meaning, writing (copy). (BS-rebuild) FstLev2 .500
Monday's child (KS1/2), (doc), Aims: linguistic development, learning to rhyme, memorise, discussion of meaning, writing (copy). (BS-rebuild) FstLev3 .500
Georgie Porgy (KS1/2), (doc), Aims: linguistic development, learning to rhyme, memorise, discussion of meaning, writing (copy). (BS-rebuild) FstLev4 .500
An Anthology of Modern Verse (1925) (School Edition) (KS2/3/FE) (BS-rebuild) (Doc) - for personal and educational use only.
BS-rebuilds are Not to be used on other sites without express permission.

AAoMV contents (doc) Tutors should read for "index of authors/poets" and background.
AAoMV contents (doc) Tutors should read the "Index of First Lines" to define original page numbers and range of poetry available.
1st Line Index
AAoMV Intro/Lsn (doc) Intro. by Robert Lynd (very useful essay, the chapters read like lessons), short biography of writer at the end.
AAoMV poems, pt1, p1-22 (doc) alphabetic order, main contributor - Robert Bridges AAoMVpt1
AAoMV poems, pt2, p23-43 (doc) alphabetic order, main contributor - Rupert Brooke,  G.K. Chesterton AAoMVpt2
AAoMV poems, pt3, p44-64 (doc) alphabetic order, main contributor - Mary E. Coleridge,  Walter de la Mare AAoMVpt3 .020
AAoMV poems, pt4, p64-83 (doc) alphabetic order, main contributor - John Drinkwater, T. S. Eliot, James Elroy Flecker, John Freeman AAoMVpt4 .023
AAoMV poems, pt5, p84-107 (doc) alphabetic order, main contributor - Wilfrid Wilson Gibson, Gerald Gould, Robert Graves, Thomas Hardy AAoMVpt5 .023
AAoMV poems, pt6, p107-128 (doc) alphabetic order, contributors - William Ernest Henley, Ralph Hodgson, Ford Madox Hueffer, Lionel Johnson AAoMVpt6 .023
AAoMV poems, pt7, p128-149 (doc) alphabetic order, main contributors - Rudyard Kipling, Francis Ledwidge, Sylvia Lynd, John Masefield AAoMVpt7 .023
AAoMV poems, pt8, p149-167 (doc) alphabetic contributors - George Meredith, Alice Meynell, Richard Middleton, Harold Monro, T. Sturge Moore AAoMVpt8 .023
AAoMV poems, pt9, p167-193 (doc) alphabetic contributors - Henry Newbolt, Robert Nichols, Moira O'Neill, Wilfred Owen, Siegfried Sassoon AAoMVpt9 .023
AAoMV poems, pt10, p193-211 (doc) alphabetic contributors - C. H. Sorley, J. C. Squire, J, Stevens, R. L. Stevenson,  A. Symons, E. W. Tennant AAoMVpt10 .029
AAoMV poems, pt11, p212-231 (doc) alphabetic contributors - Edward Thomas, Francis Thompson, W. J. Turner, Herbert Trench, K. Tynan AAoMVpt11 .021
AAoMV poems, pt12, p231-248 (doc) alphabetic contributors - William Watson, Oscar Wilde, Anna Wickham, W.B.Yeats, F. B. Young AAoMVpt12 .021
AAoMV_1925_covers, (jpg), front, rear, plus extras. (Note: higher resolution tif files available to registered users.)

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