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Media studies
Resources are listed below, files are in zip format for easier downloading. Mac and Win PC's have built-in facilities, but you may like to use alternative archiving software, e.g. WinZip, WinRar, ALZip, etc. If difficulties are encountered "Right click" mouse and use "Save as" from menu.
Living with the Mass Media by R.G. Cave (1968 updated!) (KS3) (doc) (BS-rebuild), concepts & discussion, good coverage for pupils & teachers.

LWTMM_Cave_chap1 (doc)  growth of the media, The unseen audience, Motives, The “Stupid” public, ‘Windows on the world’.

MS-Chap1 .239
LWTMM_Cave_chap2 (doc)The fantasy world, censorship, violence, "Images", Advice columns, Horoscopes. MS-Chap2 .243
LWTMM_Cave_chap3 (doc) News papers using the space, "Quality press", News coverage, language, leading articles, comparison of newspapers,  entertainment papers, "What is news?" MS-Chap3 .282
LWTMM_Cave_chap4 - (doc) Radio and Pop music - ‘Pirate’ radio [legislation], DJ’s, ‘Plugging’, lyrics, Beethoven, to Eminem, On-line, Internet. MS-Chap4 .272
LWTMM_Cave_chap5 - Cinema, ‘Living’ the story, Film certificates, Film techniques, Film music, The ‘message’, Good films & bad films. MS-Chap5 .343
LWTMM_Cave_chap6 (doc) Television, what to watch? Cruelty and violence, Taking violence for granted, Television new, Selection of news, Plays. MS-Chap6 .256
LWTMM_Cave_chap7 (doc) Advertising, Classified ads, Sentiment, Implied untruths, Find the connection, ‘Consumers’ Associations, Summing-up. MS-Chap7 .299
LWTMM_Cave_Index page (doc) - Ideal to check the range of the syllabus MS-index
LWTMM_Cave_front/rear covers - (TIF) for those who enjoy the book - by request MS-cvrs
LWTMM_addendum1, (doc) The Story of Radio by Graham Dixey, essay (includes early dev of T/V) block diagram & pictures. (Gd 4 History) (BS-rebuild) MS_add1
Learn to Criticise (pdf),  by Neville Maud (BS- updated). Aimed at beginners, discusses semiotics,  psychology and philosophy of graphical media.
Gallery1, (pdf) For use with Learn to Criticise - 4 plates produced by 1st/2nd year photography students. Useful examples (BS-rebuild) Gallery1
Galactic North by Alastair Reynolds (2006) (Uni) (pdfconcepts for film studies (SciFi ), good coverage for pupils & teachers. GalNrt AR 1.09
Cyborgs as Heros by Wilkie (1968) (Uni) (pdf) Film studies: Interpreting Pre-Modern Heroic Narrative, concepts & discussion, good coverage. Cyborgs .234
Cyborg Manifesto Science, Technology, and Socialist-Feminism by D. Haraway (1988) (Uni) (pdf) concepts & discussion , film studies (sciFi) CyborgMani .009
Know Your Clouds, (pdf) Cvrs the 3 catagories, relationship to graphics/film, use of filters, ideal for photography & film students. (BS-rebuild & updated) LearnUrClouds
Techno. change & Society (doc) (KS3), cvrs (Sec. Media, Internet, Retail Bus., Bar codes, Banking, Medicine, Data prot, Societal pressures) (BS-rebuild) Tec/Soc
Freudian Film Theory (ppt), covers (Id, Ego, Super Ego) (Libido, Thanatos, Catharsis) (Freud & Lacan), Gd for revision & classroom lesson/check. FreudQuiz .020
Film Genre (KS3/4) (ppt) useful insight into discussing film genre, deals with theory, practice, commercial investent, etc. Film Genre
Quatermass & the Pit (TV serial, 1958), [Rated PG], 6 episodes available, ideal 4 exploring genre (scifi/horror/suspense), DivX, useful class material.
QM&Pit link
Locked-Up (KS3/4) (ppt, doc) useful insight into developing a school film project, the work is based on theory, experience and practice. (BS-build) Locked-Up
Wray Project (KS2/3/4) (jpg, mp4, doc) Develop a moving picture from a sequence of stills using QuickTime or similar. (BS-build) Fun/Instructive. WrayProj
AA-flicker project (KS2/3) (doc) (Designer Kate Norman) simple and instructive lesson. Develop a sequence of stills into a QuickTime or similar movie. AA-Proj
Victorian Advertising (KS3/4)(doc) cmp/contrast Victorian health issues, advert techniques, etc. (also useful for English/History) (BS-rebuild) VicAdvert
She Stoops to Conquer (KS3/4/Uni/FE), (doc), overview, period (Hist), Production, Characters, What the Story is About, Main Themes, Plot. (BS-rebuild) SS2C1 .012
She Stoops to Conquer (KS3/4/Uni/FE), (doc), overview / precis' of the play by acts and scenes, very precise, ideal revision material. (BS-rebuild) SS2C2 .017
She Stoops to Conquer (KS3/4/Uni/FE), (doc), self-test quests. complete with answer's, characters explored - useful for class or personal study. (BS-r) SS2C3 .012
She Stoops to Conquer (KS3/4/Uni/FE), (doc), critique, revision context, content, exercises, interpretations, suggestions for alternative reading.  (BS-r) SS2C4 .014
WC-article1 [English/History/Media studies] (KS3 -UK) (doc, jpg) seeks to answer the question "Is home construction worthwhile?"
Lesson aims: consider how technology has changed, how language has altered over time. Layout differences in respect to today’s magazines.
WC-article1 6
WC-article2  [English/History/Media studies] (KS3 -UK) (doc, jpg), Lesson aims: “the need to control the radio and television airways.” Consider technological change, language, layout differences.
WC-article3 [English/History/Media studies] (KS2/3 -UK), (doc,jpg) "Origins of Morse code" Lesson aims, Read/understand, changing technology, how language has altered over time. Re-write extract in your own words (modern language form).
WC-article4  [English/History/Media studies] (KS3 -UK) (doc, jpg), "Editors Chat", history of radio in the UK, its place in society at the time. WC-article4
WC-article5  [English/History/Media studies] (KS3 -UK) (doc, jpg), "Savoy Hill", Semiotics, linguistic, graphical and technological appreciation. WC-article5 4.12
Golden Thought Booklets (1944), Wedding Anniversary Verses, by Allan Junior (jpg), good example using picture/prose and verse for a purpose. GTB

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