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Teachers and Parents are respectfully reminded that academic qualifications are not always accepted as a precursor to working in the computer industry. The ICT resources listed below are a mix drawn from both commercial and academic areas. It is hoped that when comparisons are made the importance of combining academia and commercial qualifications will be seen to be useful.
Please note: BS-rebuild/BS-Build series are the property of ACEducation - use on other sites is strictly prohibited with out express permission.
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The ICT bible (GCSE) - Changes in Information Technology have been extremely fast, but solid knowledge of the history and basic functions/construction of a computer are paramount in both education and the commercial environments. This Word document (14 pages) holds most of the basic necessities for KS2/3/4; it deals with computer development from Charles Babbage (1791), WWII devs. and post war devs.  The
Glossary of IT terms, (KS3/4/FE), (doc), (10 pages), useful off-line resource, in the classroom/revision/commmercial comprehension. (BS-rebuild) GlossIT .016
Comprehensive Glossary of IT terms (doc) (KS3/4/Uni/FE), 29 pages in all. Useful for both students and teachers, extract what you need. (BS-rebuild) CompGlos
Basic HTML primer - (KS3/4/FE) (doc) Ideal for those studing  "IT4Life". Check out KomPozer on the "Useful software page" ICT-brief-
DTP Basics (doc) (KS3/4/Uni/FE), (BS-build.v.1) Aim: A Basic Primer/reader for anyone seeking an understanding of Desk Top Publishing. DTP_Basics
EuroTel Elite 2825 Twin User guide (pdf) (4 end users), (BS-build) Cordeless Telephone with anwering unit. Courtesy document - NOT FOR RESALE (or use on other sites). Eurotel2825
IT4Life (KS3),(doc), Programmers storyboard, based on Apple Co original mouse skills program, aims to demo what is needed to make a pupils project. Strybrd 1.31
KS2 ICT pack, contains 5 scans of sheets used with year 5/6, concerning the history and basic principles computer function (cpu, etc) (2 styles). There is also a scan of the pictures used in the info sheets. These can be used in conjunction with the basic Newspaper template included. ICT
ICT-GUI_QA (pack) contains 2 doc files which can be used with KS2/3, the content concerns Graphical User Interfaces (Mac/Win/Linux). Produced for a primary school, the test is mainly concerned with determining a child’s understanding of basic GUI principles and is commercially relevant.  Included are the pupil question sheet and a Teacher answer (crib) sheet. ICT
Understanding Computer Technology (TIF, PwrPt, txt) (KS3/4/Uni/FE), an amusing look at how we percieve IT, intructions inc. (BS-build) Good 4 classroom) CPU pack
CT-Yr7-foundation-test pack contains 2 doc files.(KS3), the Foundation content concerns basic computer principles. The Higher tear adds use of Wordprocessing and Spread sheets. (Foundation level could be used with KS2 - yr. 6 )No teacher Teacher answer (crib) sheet. CT-yr7 .18
Computer competence test. (doc), (KS3/4/FE), 13 questions covering a range of topics, updated to reflect technolgical change. (BS-rebuild) CCtest
Copyright-GCSE (doc), Information Technology in Society, study of the principles, rules, laws govening production and reproduction.   (BS-rebuild) Copyright
Nettiquette (KS2/3)(ppt+info) Useful set of rules based on the original RFC document for the guidence of Internet end users,  two levels included.
Internet Q&A task, (KS2/3), series of questions to be researched on-line. Used many times, pupil effective (MS Word Doc file)
Key Knowledge questionanire/check list (doc),(KS3/KS4/FE), covers wp, db, wks, dtp (beginning or end of a course depending on purpose.)
Video Sales, (doc, wks),(KS2/KS3/KS4/FE), pupil instuction sheet, worked example, originally aimed at BTEC students BTECwks1
Gotham City Newspaper sales, (doc, wks),(KS2/KS3/KS4/FE), pupil instuction sheet, worked example, originally aimed at BTEC students BTECwks2 .009
Precedence (GCSE, CLAIT), (doc), (KS2/3/FE, parents), info sheet, covers integers, averages, rounding & precedence, questions inc. (BS-build) Precedence
Db912011-9, (doc, wks),(KS3/KS4/FE), 2 worksheets (Magazines/Boat sales), instructions, covers the principles required to use Database's (BS-rebuild) Db912011/9
Db-infosheet, (doc), (KS3/KS4/FE) information sheet covering the basics of a Data Base Management System (DBMS), class or homework (BS-rebuild)  Db-infosht .250
Clait93-Db, (doc), (KS3/4/FE), covers the basics and principles required to use Database's (inc MS-Access) (FileMaker also available)
CLAIT93 18
Clait93-practice (doc x 2), (KS3/4/FE), for use with the above. Clait93dbtsk .010
Clait93-Dbsamp (doc), (KS3/4/FE), level 1 (Database basics), data provided, useful filler/or supply lesson. SampDB .007
DB89TC (jpg),(KS2/3/4/FE), Good data base exercise for explaining, card files, records, fields, file length, alphanumeric data, (Database percursor)
SP912011 (doc), (KS2/3/FE), General spreadsheet skills worksheet, 2 exercises, extensive instructions & the need to follow them (V.G.), (BS-rebuild) WKS Skills .011
WKS932011 (doc, wks), spreadsheet & graphic representations worksheet with 2 exercises, (pie, bar, & line graphs), worked example inc. (BS-rebuild) WKS932011
Clait94-spreadsheets (doc),(KS2/3/FE), contains  basic information concerning the language and principles required to understand Spreadsheets.
Clait94 6.27
WP912011 (doc), (KS2/3/FE), General WP skills worksheet, 2 exercises, extensive instructions & the need to follow them (V.G.), (BS-rebuild) GenWP Skills .008
WP932011 (doc), (KS3/4/FE), worksheet, 2 exercises, extensive instructions & the need to follow them (V.G.), (BS-rebuild) WP932011
Clait93-WP/DTP (pack), (KS2/3/FE), specimen assignment-level 1 (BS-upgraded), very useful for wide ranging situations, instructs and tutor guidance
Clait93-Graphic Representation (doc), (KS3/4/FE) template into which you can place your own data. GraphicRep
Graphic Representation1 (doc), (KS2/3/4/FE), explanantion of principles & commands, 2 basic exercises. (BS-rebuild) CPUart1 .371
Graphic Representation2 (doc), (KS3/4/FE), explanantion of principles & commands, 4 exercises - progressivly more difficult. (BS-rebuild) CPUart2 .274
Graphic Representation3 (doc), (KS3/4/FE), explanantion of principles & commands, 6 exercises, course  ref.s included. (BS-rebuild) CPUart3 .542
Graphic Representation4- CA932011, (doc), (KS2/3/4/FE), explanantion of principles & commands, 1 basic exercises. (Good for Xmas) (BS-rebuild) CPUart4
Graphic Representation93GP5, (doc, wks), (KS3/4/FE), incorpoates graphic art work (basic), formulae and plotting graphs, includes. example (BS-rebuild) Art&Graphs
SP1-2(BTEC/GCSE) (doc, wks, jpg), (KS3/4/FE), spreadsheet/graphs worksheet, (costing/buget & DIYkit), example inc. (BS-rebuild) SP1-2
GR1/2 (BTEC/GCSE) (doc, wks, jpg), (KS3/4/FE), spreadsheet/graphs worksheet, (sales summary & traffic census), example inc. (BS-rebuild) GR1-2
GR3 (BTEC/GCSE) (doc, wks, jpg), (KS3/4/FE), spreadsheet/graphs worksheet (formulae, macros), (stock costing, invoicing), example inc. (BS-rebuild) GR3 .134
DTP-NCTpro (pack)(KS4/FE), professional level exercise, task sheet, graphic files, txt files, PM4&7 examples, originally used for RSA level 2,
Nanny Countty Times is a broadsheet, as a task good DTP knowledge essential.

Glossary of DTP terms, (KS3/4/FE), (doc), (5 pages), useful in the classroom/revision/commmercial comprehension DTP-Gloss
Printer jargon "buster" (KS3/4/FE), (doc), good for general knowledge, classroom worksheet, or revision. (BS-build) Prt Defs
Electronic symbols worksheet, (KS3/4/FE), (scan), useful in the classroom/revision/commmercial comprehension. (also useful for Sci/DT) Elec-symbs
Christmas Card (MS publisher), (KS2/3/4), 2 styles with instructions on the layout (BS-build) Xmas Card .097
"Hot" keys for MS Word, (pdf), (KS2/3/FE), Lesson sheet print 1 get 2, useful to pupils doing essay writing. (know your application (app.) US in origin.
10 tips for DTP pros (doc), (KS3/4/FE/Pro) very useful article from 1992, re-built for educ. purposes, suits full range of ICT/Graphic design students
The Bare-Bones Guide to HTML by Kevin Werback, excellent data resource for the teacher and pupil (txt & HTML versions)
BB_HTML .023
"Teaching An Old Dog New Tricks" by Eric Lease Morgan is a aimed at KS4/Commercial trainers who wish to study/explain Servers (Mac), the WWWand the Internet - its orgins, networking and scripting. Not for the faint hearted (270 pages), written in 1995, it has older details, but stands as a tome of useful information. HTML
New Tricks
DOS lessons (KS3/4/FE), (Docs) explains the DOS system, how to use it, exercises incl. Ideal if you are going to use DosBox or Boxer, (BS-build & u/d) DosLsns
DOS lessons pro (KS3/4/FE), (Docs) the DOS system, how to use it, exercises, exam,  incl. Ideal if you are going to use DosBox or Boxer, (BS-build & u/d) DosLsnsPro 9.0
Computer Service Engineers worksheet, (scan), (KS3/4/FE), demonstrates the paper work required in the job. Good discussion and example matlerial.
IBM psu plug diagram, (jpg) (KS4/FE/pro), Ideal for operational knowledge/ training/still relevant. contains both plug & socket details.
CISCO Certified Network Administrator -Vol.1/2 by Matthew J. Basham, is here for the benefit of KS4/Uni trainers/students, this is high level info, both tomes being 340+ pages - aimed solely at those studying for their CNAA commercial status qualification. Note: It is available elsewhere on the Internet) Cisco Hand book 6.5
Mac Snow Leopard 4 Dummies (pdf), extracts contain: contents, overview, index, interesting basic starter. Like it! Buy it! (found on 4D site)

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