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Current resources are listed below, files are in zip format for easier downloading.
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Gemstones (1967) (KS2/3/4/FE) (pdf) Series of plates produced for the Institute of Geological Sciences from the collections of the Geolological Museum, London, England
PhunnyQuiz1 (KS2/3) (doc) Aims: use a map find seaside locations and counties. (+ Hist/Eng) + a bit fun while the pupils are doing it. (BS-rebuild)
Volcano (KS2/3) (doc, jpg) ideal classroom use, ack contains worksheet, display graphic and teacher answer sheet. Used many times to effect.
Beufort scale (KS2/3), (GIF), ideal display items to explain the Beufort scale.
Handling Data/Recycling (KS2/3) (xls, ppt, doc) defines pollution, looks at the degrees of  recycling materials. Lesson built around PPT.
Mountains, Climate & Environment (KS3), (PPT) Covers unit 15, useful.
Defs Temperarate climate (KS2/3) (doc), submitted by student member student, defininitions. (useful)
Harbin, China hosts the International Snow & Ice festival, good info, plus stunning pictures make this (KS2/3) (ppt) a winner in the classroom.  It is intended to promote discussion and understanding. Use at your own discretion but tasks could include Atlas use, ICT, Internet. China Int_Ice Fest 2.59
The restaurant Waldgeist, Hofhiem, Germany gives a glimpse into modern eating habits (KS2/3). The (ppt) is intended to promote discussion and understanding. Points for consideration are: Info, pictures, location, obesity, arithmetic (Imperial/Metric). Useful for Science or English. Germany food 2.31
The World - choose from a selection of high quality aerial pictures (22) by Yann Arthus-Bertrand, (KS2/3) (ppt), contains latitude & longditude info). Selection at your own discretion but tasks could include: Incas, India, Egypt, Thailand,  Atlas use, ICT, Internet.
World of Pics
Climate Change (KS2/3/4/FE) (ppt) Aims: To study global climate conditions. The use of graphs for the purpose of analysis. (useful ideas built-in)
QRA locator (KS3/4/FE) (pdf) Aims: Study map reading (co-ords.) using the Maidstone method for location, Good for Sci & comms, (BS-rebuild) QRA loc

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