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Current resources are listed below, files are in zip format for easier downloading. Mac and Win PC's have built-in facilities, but you may like to use alternative archiving software, e.g. WinZip, WinRar, ALZip, etc. If difficulties are encountered "Right click" mouse and use "Save as" from menu. Use of BS-rebuilds on other sites is expressly forbidden without prior agreement

St.Valentines Day (KS2/3), (doc), Aim: Victorian view of the purpose, Obj's.  background info, poetry, artwork, language. (BS-rebuild) (intriguing!)
Robin Hood1 (KS2), (doc), Aims: Myths, Legends, Fact and Fiction, Obj. To the ability to use descriptive writing. Locations to materials included.
Robin Hood2 (KS2), (doc), To be used with above - Objectives: Myths, Legends, Historic fallacy and fact. (BS-rebuild) RobinHood2 .601
Robin Hood3 (KS2), (doc), objective: A reader for children during the study of Robin Hood. (BS-rebuild) Robinhood3 9.05
Robin Hood4 (KS2), (doc), examples for the use of creating letters to and from Maid Marion, also Robin Hood (for use use with RH1). RobinHood4
Jewellery (KS2/3/FE), Aim: Design, rational,  Obj's. Background history, play, poem, cloze quiz, artwork, . (BS-rebuild) (equally useful for Hist, DT, ART) Jewels
Thinking about Language (doc), (KS2/3/FE), Worksheet intended to condiser why English language is so difficult. 21 examples, suggested activities. Think!
Menu (doc), (KS2,yr3), Problem solving lesson about menu writing, originally used in 1995, helps children consider, needs and product.
Saint George (KS2) is a topical subject and fun for pupils, the ppt and pdf file found in the archive cover a range of curriculum areas, but Myths, Legends, Symbolism and the history of the UK flag is a good start. I have used this many times to good effect. St. George 3
Rockets and Space travel (Eng/Hist/Sci) (KS2) are perennial subjects, the archive contains a Teacher info text file and a supporting ppt, the original concepts where by Gordon Wells & Flux Gillett, but I have add extra elements and brought the work up to date, the graphics are fun and a Time Line is embedded for pupils to create and reinforces memory. Rockets
Behaviour, self and others. (KS2) (citizenship/English/PSHE) The pack contains 2 graphic files (A4/TIF) taken from a 1966 US comic, now out of print. Children are asked to evaluate the pictures and explain what is wrong. Answer sheet is included to guide the teacher/parent. If you so desire the child could colour in the pictures when finished Social responsibility .636
Garden pool (K2/3/FE), (doc) For DT description & schematics (DIY for the willing!). Eng comprehension (7-?'s). (BS-rebuild) GardPool
The Wonderful Marrow (KS2) English comprehension, text  plus 10 questions. Used many times successfully.
Wonderful .018
The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky (KS2), (doc), A short story by Stephen Crane, clasroom questions, comprehension (punctuation, language)
Yellow Sky
Princess Mignonette (KS2/3) Victorian Fairy Tail, English comprehension text + 12 questions, Art sheet. Notes inc. (BS-rebuild) PrinMignon
Willow pattern, (K2/3/Parents), (doc), Obj: write a story and a poem based upon a visual product. Teachers notes inc. (BS-rebuild) WillowPat
Punctuation Quiz, (KS2), Word doc, sentences to be corrected, key on sheet, useful one-off, self explanatory.
PunctQuiz .005
Spot the Difference! (K2/3/Parents)(doc), 10 differences to find and fun to do. SpotheDif .752
Argument/Debating skills, (KS2/3), Eng/PSHE, Word doc, topic: National Service - debate "for & against", enough here for 2 days.
NS-Debate .012
"A Key To...", (KS2), Eng/DT, build a board based game around being stranded on a desert island, compre/problem solving skills.
A key to .138
H.G.Wells and the War of the Worlds, Engl/Hist (KS2), useful supply res., courtesy of the Classic Comic Store Ltd.
WoW .220
William Shakespeare / Romeo and Juliet, Engl/Hist (KS2), useful supply res., courtesy of the Classic Comic Store Ltd. WS&RJ .240
From Osiris to O'Neill pack, (KS2/3), Eng/Drama/Hist, pupil info sheet covers the development of drama/plays/inc. question sheet.
O2O .145
Essential Spelling (1962), (KS1),(age7),(eBook) group 1 of the Schonell spelling book, still holds a place in education (also available @ Google)
SchESage7 13.1
Essential Spelling (KS1-2)(ages 8 - 12 or complete), available to registered users only (note - eBook's - not scans), for Educational/personal use)
Carries War, Eng/Hist (KS2/3), (pdf), worksheets courtesy of Damaris Revell, (free at
CarriesWar .104
Roald Dahl, Eng/Hist (KS2/3), Bio & time of the authors life, useful class material.
Diary Writing, (KS2/3), (doc) Lesson worksheet, Aim/Obj, complete instructions, answer and tasks.Dev organisation skills
DiaryWriting .005
Hyphens, (KS2/3), (doc)2  first class information/lesson sheets, ample scope to expand in the classroom.
Hyphens .383
Telephone msg writing, (KS2), (Doc), Lesson worksheet, Aim/Obj contains example plus extension work, Dev organisation skills.
TeleMsgWrite .005
SAT's US style (KS3)(KS2/Parents for interest-only), doc (readme), pdf (4 files) 10 questions/answer in each. Read info file before use.
US-SAT's .105
General English for Technical Students (E.F Candlin (1961) (BS-rebuild eBook , updated doc) Original intended for Secondary Modern Schools (pupils aged 14 & up) The book covers a wide and basic range of grammar and literacy aspects. Explanations & Exercises included. (All 32 chapters now available to Registered Users or by application to ACEducation)
Please do not use on other sites without permission. BS-rebuild
chap1 (KS2/3/4/FE), The Importance of English-: E.F Candlin's book was written to help pupils with English studies in the belief that not only can these offer the key to material success in many walks of life but also to help them in their social relations with other people. GE4TSch1 .011
chap2 (KS2/3/4/FE), Descriptions-: (Descriptive writing) Many people, in trying to describe or explain something, find it difficult to set their thoughts and ideas in order; This knowing where to begin is half the battle with description. This chapter deals with just that. GE4TSch2 .013
chap3 (KS2/3/4/FE), Thinking for oneself-: (Problem solving) The power to think things out for oneself, the qualities of foresight, initiative and self-reliance, are some of the most valuable and sought-after in the world of industry and commerce. GE4TSch3 .209
chap4 (KS2/3/4/FE), Correct English-: (Basic grammar) "The first thing to keep in mind is that grammar is not a learned and complicated business, but a convenient way of explaining how reasonably well-educated men and women speak and write." GE4TSch4 .012
chap5 (KS2/3/4/FE), Things to look for - in a Novel-: contains descriptions and questions to assist pupils in analysing novels. GE4TSch5
chap6 (KS2/3/4/FE), Using Reference Books-: Precisely what the title suggests, well written account, useful in the classroom. GE4TSch6
chap8 (KS2/3/4/FE), The Magic of  Words-: Definitions, Exercises (syntactic and semantic), comprehension. GE4TSch8
Proverb/Cryptic puzzles, (KS2/3/4/FE) (doc) original art work (jpg) first appeared in “Home, Sweet, Home” magazine (1897). Still fun today, but many may be unfamilar to 21st century children. Good basis for an interesting lesson or for home education.
Please do not use on other sites without permission. BS-rebuild
Picture proverb puzzle2 (KS2/3/FE) (doc + jpg) - good English or History projects PPP2 2.0
Picture proverb puzzle3 (KS2/3/FE) (doc + jpg) - good English or History projects PPP3 2.0
Picture proverb puzzle4 (KS2/3/FE) (doc + jpg) - good English or History projects PPP4 2.0
Picture proverb puzzle5 (KS2/3/FE) (doc + jpg) - good English or History projects PPP5 2.0
Picture proverb puzzle6 (KS2/3/FE) (doc + jpg) - good English or History projects PPP6 2.0
Picture proverb puzzle7 (KS2/3/FE) (doc + jpg) - good English or History projects PPP7 2.0
Cryptic Quiz1 (K2/3/4/Parents)(doc), English/Victorian History projects, Aim: To deduce answer from given clues. CQ1
Cryptic Quiz2 (K2/3/4/Parents)(doc), English/Victorian History projects, Aim: To deduce answer from given clues. CQ2 .005
Cryptic Quiz3 (K2/3/4/Parents)(doc), English/Victorian History projects, Aim: To deduce answer from given clues. CQ3 .005
Cryptic Quiz4 (K2/3/4/Parents)(doc), English/Victorian History projects, Aim: To deduce answer from given clues. CQ4 .005
Cryptic Quiz5 (K2/3/4/Parents)(doc), English/Victorian History projects, Aim: To deduce answer from given clues. CQ5 .030
Cryptic Quiz6 (K2/3/4/Parents)(doc), English/Victorian History projects, Aim: To deduce answer from given clues. CQ6 .005
Jigsaw Quiz1 (K2/3/4/Parents)(doc), English/Victorian project, Obj: ability to read instructions, manual dexterity problem solution. JSQ1
She Stoops to Conquer (KS3/4/Uni/FE), (doc), overview, period (Hist), Production, Characters, What the Story is About, Main Themes, Plot. (BS-r) SS2C1 .012
She Stoops to Conquer (KS3/4/Uni/FE), (doc), overview / precis' of the play by acts and scenes, very precise, ideal revision material. (BS-r) SS2C2 .017
She Stoops to Conquer (KS3/4/Uni/FE), (doc), self-test questions complete with answer's, characters explored - useful for class or personal study. (BS-r) SS2C3 .012
She Stoops to Conquer (KS3/4/Uni/FE), (doc), critique, revision context & content, exercises, interpretations, suggestions for alternative reading.  (BS-r) SS2C4 .014
English Parade Bk2, pt1 (doc) (KS2/3/FE) WW2 forces education, 6 lsns, short story, word drills, comprehension questions. maps.  (BS-build) EngParade1 1.5
English Parade Bk2, pt2 (doc) (KS2/3/FE) WW2 forces education, 5 lsns, short story, word drills, comprehension questions. maps.  (BS-build) EngParade2 2
Prepositions (doc) (KS2/3/FE), consise notes and guidance, well laid out, good for pupil revision  (produced for BS by Blackenwood Productions) Prepositions
Verbs (doc) (KS2/3/FE), consise notes and guidance, well laid out, good for pupil revision (produced for BS by Blackenwood Productions) Verbs

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