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Design Technology
Resources are listed below, files are in zip format for easier downloading. Mac and Win PC's have built-in facilities, but you may like to use alternative archiving software, e.g. WinZip, WinRar, ALZip, etc. If difficulties are encountered "Right click" mouse and use "Save as" from menu. Please note: BS-rebuild series are the property of ACEducation - use on other sites is strictly prohibited with out express permission.

The Universal Birthday Card, (pdf), (KS2/3/4/FE/personal), (BS-rebuild based on Masionia Artpress design (1920-1980), fun,  and practical.
A Guide To Tuning Cars, (KS3/4/parents) (doc), Science, DT, mechanics, practical, Well written info sheet on the Int. combustion engine. (BS-rebuild) Guide2theMotor
Decoder Badge, (KS2),(jpg) simple and fun, codec system, instructions on sheet, great in the classroom and for Parents at home.
Decoder 1.4
Puppet Theatre (KS3/4/parents) (doc), DIY puppet theatre, full contruction destails & schematics, school/parent project. (BS-rebuild + updated) PThprt1
Glove puppets (KS3/4/parents) (doc) pt2 of above, full contruction details & patterns (might suit KS2) - school/parent proj. (BS-rebuild + updated) PThprt2
Tropical Aquarium (KS2/3/4/parents) (doc) this has potential for DT, English, Science, Math, Aims/Teacher notes included. (BS-rebuild + updated) TropicAqua
EasterEgg Quiz1 (KS2/3) problem solving for 13 and under (History (Victorian), English), (BS-rebuild) EEQp416
EasterEgg Quiz2 (KS3/parents), problem solving for over 14 and over, (History (Victorian), English), (BS-rebuild) EEQp415
Squares (KS2/3), (doc) problem solving and game layout, simple way to engage the class in pairs for EMW or design theory (BS-rebuild) Squares
Egyptian boat (KS2),(tif) instructions, 2 on one sheet for simple photcopying, great fun, a good hours work, if not the afternoon.
Longship (KS2),(jpg), instructions, one sheet for simple photcopying, great fun, a good hours work, if not the afternoon. Longship
St Faith liner (KS2/3parents) cutout and build model (pdf), Faith by name, patience needed, but a project well worth doing.
Liner model
"Friendship stick" This offering is not only for substitute teachers (KS2) but parents as well, The archive contains directions, fun to do, cheap to make, and if you are harressed parent something to give the children to do to while a way an hour. Friendship stick 2.3
Spider Kit (KS2/3) (pdf), This is a complete kit containing material by Chris Kalib (1994). Ideal as piece of topic work, use for English and DT. The kit contains a simple ring, hat, mask, gun, all cutouts, plus info cards that's enough for a week. Spider Kit .675
Film Theme (KS2) (pdf) well known film, follow instructions and construct headwear, Xmas filler or develops manual dexterity.
2 Boats (KS2/3/Parents) (doc) paddle boat, catamaran yacht - Two very effective, easily made models, class or home. Aims/Obj. inc. (BS-rebuild) 2Boats
Noah's Ark (KS3/4/Parents) (doc) Aims/Obj.: technical writing, practical construction, (Ideal for Woodworking dept., Home DIY), (BS-rebuild) NoahsArk
Prototype Boat pt1 (KS3/4/Parents) (doc) Aims/Obj.: technical writing, practical card construction, (Ideal ART dept., Home DIY), (BS-build) ProtoBoatpt1
Prototype Boat pt2 (KS3/4/Parents) (doc) Aims/Obj.: technical writing, practical card construction, (Ideal ART dept., Home DIY), (BS-build) ProtoBoatpt2 6.08
Steam Boat (KS3/4/Parents) (doc) Aims/Obj.: Sci - simple turbines, technical writing, practical construction, (Metalwork dept., Home DIY), (BS-build) SteamBoat .207
DesignOgraph (KS3/4/FE) A machine capable of drawing an infinite number of designs. Constructional/Schematic details inc. (BS-rebuild & updated) DesignO
HarmoOgraph (KS3/4/FE) Metal/Woodwork project, Constructional/Schematic details inc., may also be useful for math discussion. (BS-rebuild & updated) HarmonO
Toboggon (KS3/4/FE) A strong machine which can be made with ordinary tubular conduit. Constructional/Schematic details inc. (BS-rebuild & updated) Tobog
Skis (KS3/4/FE), Woodwork project, Eng., Hist., Math, this is a real all rounder, an exempla for technical writing, incs. Tcher notes. (BS-rebuild & updated) Pair of Skis
Snow-Scooter (KS3/4/FE) Strong machine made with ordinary tubular conduit or wood. Constructional/Schematic details inc. (BS-rebuild & updated) Snow-Scooter
Bagatelle Table (KS3/4/FE) Table top design,  full Constructional/Schematic details inc., good for woodwork and math (BS-rebuild & updated) Bagatelle
Cycle Trailer (KS3/4/FE) useful design,  full Constructional/Schematic details inc., good for woodwork, metalwork and math (BS-rebuild & updated) CycleTrailer
Electric Car (KS3/4/FE/parents), Project car,  Aims/Obj.: technical writing, diagrammatic representation, practical construction, (BS-rebuild) ChildElecCar 1.2
Electric Car additional (KS2/3) (jpg) Aims/Obj.: technical writing, diagrammatic representation - "Readme file" enclosed for purpose. (BS-rebuild) ElecCarAdd
Submarine kit (cut out) KS2/3, this paper/card kit is the brilliant work of Richard Schulten (D/l from Internet), difficult, but fun! Submarine kit .3
Jigsaw-Qz1896 (KS3/4/Adult) (doc), A real challange! Obj. read instructions, use manual dexterity and arrive at a problem solution. (BS-rebuild) JQ1896
Viking Ship (cut out) (KS2/3) print in colour or BW, follow the instructions, a good hour of fun and improvement in manual dexterity.
Viking Ship
"Starling Snapper" (cut out), (RSPB), ideal (KS2), key points - problem solving, instructional reading, nature, use of scissors, glue.
Balsa Aeroplane (KS2/3),(jpg + A3) needs real skill, makes a great glider or jet powered plane, full instructions, A4 version available at request
Reading Blue Prints (KS3/4/FE), aimed at technology students, all the basic principles covered, Gd graphics, 3D/2D, metric & Imp. cvrd.  (BS-rebuild)
Loudspeaker Manual (KS3/4/FE) based on a technical manual (1960/61) these chapter's offer a wide range of uses from reading 3 elevation diagrams (DT) , Technical writing (Eng), Math and Science, aims  & obj. included in each chap., as is Defs & background info. (BS-rebuild) GLMcmp 13.5
GLM chap1 (KS3/4/FE) Background, info sheets, 3 x 3 elevation diagrams for speaker enclosures, good technical writing examples, good science GLMchap1 6.5
GLM chap2 (KS3/4/FE) Background, info sheets, good technical writing examples, good science, could be used for Math (Imperial/Metric/fractions) GLMchap2 5.75
GLM chap3 (KS3/4/FE) Background, info sheets, good technical writing examples, good science, systemic planning, simple L/S wiring charts GLMchap3 3.55
GLM chap4 (KS3/4/FE) Background, info Acoustical Resistance Unit , short history of sound development, good tech. writing examples, good science GLMchap4 5.15
GLM chap5 (KS3/4/FE) Background, info sheets, principles of stereophonic sound, good tech. writing examples, good science, good history GLMchap5 4.1
Homebase PIR Flood Light information manual (KS3/$/FE) (pdf) PIR1.1

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