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Business Studies Teachers and Parents are respectfully reminded that academic qualifications are only an introduction to the business world and the need to add commercially accepted work place qualifications is very important, e.g. secretarial skills.
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BTEC National in Business pack (KS4), Unit 1 – Exploring Business Activity, Assign1 – Types of Business, Assign2 – Stakeholders,
Asignment3 – Strategic aims and objectives, Assign4 – functional activities and organisational structure,  Assignment 5 – External Factors
BTEC Nat.Bus. Unit1
SalesOfficeGraphs (KS3/4/FE) (doc) Line, Bar, Stacked, examples (x2), exercises (x5) answers included, (ICT - includes spreadsheets) SOGraphs
Statements of Account (KS3/4/FE) (docs, wks) Changes in Information Technology have been extremely fast, but solid knowledge of office theory and accounting remains basic to Business acumen.  This work sheet contains 10 activities with worked examples. (BS-rebuild / update) StatOfAccs .031
Accounting/Stock Control/Payroll (KS3/4/FE), (doc) (also useful for IT/ICT), 2 worksheets, Good for Sage, Db, or Spreadsheets, (BS-rebuild / update) Acc/Payroll .011
Accounting/Stock Control (KS3/4/FE), (doc) (also useful for IT/ICT), worksheet+Db example, Good for Sage, Db, or Spreadsheets, (BS-rebuild / update) StockCtrl
Diary Writing, (KS2/3), (doc) Lesson worksheet, Aim/Obj, complete instructions, answer and tasks. Dev organisation skills DiaryWriting .005
Telephone msg writing, (KS2/3), (Doc), Lesson worksheet, Aim/Obj contains example plus extension work, Dev organisation skills. TeleMsgWrite .005
Telephone to letter/msg writing, (KS2/3), (PPT), Lesson PPT,  Aim to build up skills in Letter writing based upon brief telphone notes ((BS-build). Tele2Letter .045
Motivation (KS3/4), (doc),  Some notes to help study the implications of "motivation"(Maslow) for Business Studies . (Refs inc.) Motivation .008
CashiersOffice1 (KS3/4/FE), (doc), (Pitmans) - Bank transactions - giro inpayment form, writing cheques, credit transfer, exercises (BS-rebuild/update) CO1 .507
CashiersOffice Blanks (KS3/4/FE), (doc), for use with - Bank transactions, giro inpayment form, writing cheques, credit transfer (BS-rebuild-update) COB1
CashiersOffice2 (KS3/4/FE), (doc), (Pitmans) - Bank transactions - Bank Paying-in Slips, remittances, credit transfers (BS-rebuild / update) CO2 .250
CashiersOffice3 (KS3/4/FE), (doc, wks), (Pitmans) - Bank Statements of Accounts - exercises, worked spreadsheet examples. (BS-rebuil / /update) CO3 .400
WagesOffice1 (KS3/4/FE), (doc, wks), (Pitmans) - PAYE system, Income tax, N.I. - examples (x3), exercises (x6), spreadsheet examples. (BS-rebuild/update) WO1 1.2
WagesOffice2 (KS3/4/FE), (doc, wks), (Pitmans) - Payroll, slips , Income tax, N.I. - examples (x2), exercises (x3), (cross curric. to ICT). (BS-rebuild/update) WO2 1.2
WagesOffice2extra (KS3/4/FE), (jpg), For printing & use with WO2 - Wage records, Employer/Employee, pay roll, pay advice etc.  (BS-rebuild/update) WO2xtra 2
WagesOffice3 (KS3/4/FE), (doc, wks), (Pit./ICT) - Law & deducts., Time sheets, basic layouts & math, - examps/exers. (x6), wks exps. (BS-rebuild/update) WO3 .875
Basic PettyCash (Imprest system), (KS3/4/FE), (doc, wks). Introduction with examples, both written and spreadsheet.  (BS-build) Imprest sys
CashiersOffice4 (KS3/4/FE), (doc, wks) Example, exercises (x9), builds confidence - See intro above if novice, useful for ICT & Math (BS-rebuild/update) CO4 1.30
SecretarysOffice1 (KS3/4/FE), (doc) Deals with Correspondence & Business letters, Examples, exercises (`x8), (BS-rebuild / update) SO1
SecretarysOffice2 (KS3/4/FE), (doc) Deals with Memorandums, Example layout, exercises (x9), (BS-rebuild / update) SO2
SecretarysOffice3 (KS3/4/FE), (doc) Deals with creating Reports , Example layout, exercises (x4), (BS-rebuild / update) SO3
SO3 extra (KS3/4/FE), (pdf), Useful file on Reports mentioned in the text - written by Bryan Plattby (1975). (Can be found elsewhere on the Internet). SO3extra .100
SecretarysOffice4 (KS3/4/FE), (doc) Deals with telephone messages, Example layout, exercises (x6) considers Co. persona, (BS-rebuild / update) SO4
SecretarysOffice6 (KS3/4/FE), (doc) Deals with principles of indexing, filing & Database systems, Example layouts, exercises (x8) (BS-rebuild/update) SO6 .214
SecretarysOffice8 (KS3/4/FE), (doc) Resources and Sourcing Information, examples (x1), exercises (x4), (BS-rebuild / update)
SecretarysOffice9 (KS3/4/FE), (doc) Meetings: Agenda and Minutes, examples (x2), exercises (x7), (BS-rebuild / update) SO9
SecretarysOffice10 (KS3/4/FE), (doc) Office Machinery: examples (x1), exercises (x6), Worked answers, (BS-rebuild / update) SO10
Copyright-BTEC (KS3/4/FE), (doc) info sheet, aimed to promote discussion, consideration of  R&D, and the rules that goven. (BS-rebuild / updated) Copyright

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