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ART Resources are listed below, files are in zip format for easier downloading. Mac and Win PC's have built-in facilities, but you may like to use alternative archiving software, e.g. WinZip, WinRar, ALZip, etc. If difficulties are encountered "Right click" mouse and use "Save as" from menu.

ART Project Bk-pt1 (All)(pdf) Paint In Oils & Tempera by G.C.Foley: Explanations of Tempera and Oils + projexts, class/home study.
ART Project Bk-complete (All)(pdf) by G.C.Foley: Excellent explanation, graphics and projexts, methods, class/home study. Reg Users only
Art & Style (KS2/3),(doc) The idea behind this exercise is to test current "General Knowledge" when applied to a childs conceptual abilities. Bonanza Studios would welcome any feedback concerning the running of this worksheet. Teacher notes enclosed your help is appreciated.
Art & Style
Art printables1 for fun KS1/2 - Bugs Bunny, Tweety Pie, and Yosemite Sam, A4 gif files Printables1 .054
Art printables2 for fun KS1/2 - Bugs Bunny, Marvin the Martian A4 gif files Printables2 .063
Christmas Cracker Project (KS2/3/FE)(docs) aims: Use instructions, measurement, improve dexterity,  Obj: construction, (BS-build) ChristmasCracker .675
Cinderella/Puss in boots (pdf, jpg x2), well known stories, colouring, good for Xmas filler or to promote story writing, children will enjoy this XmasStry 3.38
Computer Art, (KS2/3/FE), (doc), (IT/ICT) explanation included, promotes the need to plan & follow instuctions, ideal Xmas activity. (BS-re-build) CPU_art
Computer Art1, (KS2/3/FE), (doc), (IT/ICT) explanation included, promotes the need to plan & follow instuctions. (BS-re-build) CPU_art1
Computer Art2, (KS2/3/FE), (doc), (IT/ICT) explanation included, promotes the need to plan & follow instuctions. (BS-re-build) CPU_art2 .273
Computer Art3, (KS2/3/FE), (doc), (IT/ICT) explanation included, promotes the need to plan & follow instuctions. (BS-re-build) CPU_art3 .541
Doodle4Google, (KS2), pdf, jpg, (Art/Design/Citizenship), although no longer running this is still a good classroom activity. Fun! Doodle4Google .6
FilmTheme (pdf), well known film, colouring book, good for Xmas filler or to promote story writing, children will enjoy this. FilmTheme 1.28
Heros, (KS2/3), (doc), drawing lesson, working from wire frame outline, action to reality. Nice.
Modern Art (ppt), covers most of the genre, useful in the classroom. ModernArt .936
Chinese Lantern project, (jpg scan A4) an opportunity for cutting and sticking, for chinese New Year Chinese Lantern 1.73
The Chinese Zodiac, zip file contains a colourful card sized zodiac, short teacher notes for background and a scan of a Tiger for this year, equally useful for Eng, DT, or Science. Chinese Zodiac .675
Chinese Dragon Mask kit (cut out) - (KS2), this paper/card kit contains, instuctions, and three files as templates for the mask, line art, grey and colour, great for improving manual dexterity and fun!
Mask kit
Chinese icons, useful set of printouts positive and inverse print it, and use it with any of the above.
Chinese icons 1.82
Chinese Dragon art , (part of the BMK collection), ideal KS2, use it with any of the above or as an addition to any Chinese geography. Chinese Dragon .562
Vincent Van Goph (KS2/3)(ppt) - Info and probably all the pictures you could want to demonstrate the mans work in class.
Van Goph 3.2
M.C. Escher (ppt) - Deals with surrealism and the man.
Salvador Dali, (KS2/3/FE),(ppt x 3), 3 ppts covering a range of abilities, good pictures, smple effective display. Dali

Underconstruction n/a

Underconstruction n/a

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