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Dave West
Dave West Biography
Dave WestDave Lawrence - guitarist
Born: 1948
Session Guitarist
Fender Stratocaster
Boss GT10 multi effects unit
Fender Stage 160 amp
Editors note: My first knowledge of  Dave was not to do with music, more the electronics of dysfunctional amplifier. He was about sixteen at that time and in a group known as the "Iceni" - recordings of which I still have. They were very good for their age. He has worked with Exit on various occasions, over quite a number years. Dave picks up the story....
Regards my musical history I bought my first guitar for 4 when I was 14 years old (from the Christmas box I got for doing a paper round). I am self taught and didn’t even buy Bert Weedon's book! I taught myself initially by learning Shadows and Duane Eddy songs note for note, then progressed to chords and started to play the Beatles, Searchers, Animals and R&R. Learning to emulate the lead guitar breaks from the music of the day. In line with many others of the time (1965) I formed a band with other school pals – none of whom had any formal musical training either - Gale Force Four  – we only did one gig and then split.
1966 - The Copicats – This band only lasted a couple of gigs and then I got poached by the Iceni – a band that I had known and admired for some time.

1966–1969  - The Iceni – my first serious band.
1969 – When The Iceni finally split I joined Tobias Rag – which was formed out of the remnants of another well known local band – “The inside out”. However the musical direction they wanted to pursue was “ progressive “ and I wasn’t keen so I left after half a dozen gigs. An interesting fact: the lead singer of the band has ended up very successful as “ Mick Jagger” in the Counterfeit Stones
1969–1988  - The Viscount Quartet / Vintage 27 / Pendulum / Jade (same band with several name changes) This was my longest lasting band. It went through several lineup changes – mostly bass players who would come and go. In the last few years of the bands life we started using girl singers. N.B. Interestingly it was one in which which Ray Keane and Nick Lunn also were involved in. ("Its a small world"  (A quote from Dave himself).
1981–1991 - The Basher Brothers and Big Mac and the Quarter Pounders (Duos/Trios). While still in Jade I also did quite a lot of duo and trio work in pubs and wine bars – sometimes with members of Jade and sometimes with others.
1988–1991 - Blind Panic / Sheer Gloss (Duo/Trio). More  pubs and wine bar work.
1989 – Magenta – this was a short lived band with two ex-members of Jade and an ex drummer from Marmalade.
1993–1997 - Backtrack – a rock and roll and country music outfit. I enjoyed the rock and roll but wasn’t so keen on the other stuff.
The band fell apart after 5 years.
Gale Force Four
The Copicats
The Iceni

Tobias Rag

The Viscount Quartet
Vintage 27
The Basher Brothers
Big Mac

Blind Panic
Sheer Gloss

,   Cross Purposes
Off the Rails,  
The Iceni samples
The Iceni (1965)
Del Taylor – Rhythm Guitar,  Iain King – Lead Guitar
Dave Pearce – Bass Guitar & Harmony Vocals
John James – Drums & Vocals *Dave Draper – Lead Vocals

These samples are B-S remixes.  Short versions of originals recorded at the time. If you wish the originals contact Dave.

Alternative Text

The Iceni on stage (1968)
The Iceni (1966-69)
Del Taylor – rhy gtr,   Dave West – Ld gtr
Dave Pearce – bass/voc, John James – drms/voc.

Jade (1969-88) Jade on stage Basher Brothers (1981-91)
The Basher Brothers in concert
Cross Purposes (1998-2002)
Cross Purposes
A meeting with Albert Lee ( Dec. 2012)

Meeting Albert Lee Dec 2012 - Isn't it nice to have friends.
1998–2002 - Cross Purposes – this came about after I depped with them when their lead guitarist was ill. When he recovered they asked me to stay.
Cross Purposes had a “falling out”  between the drummer and I on one side and the lead singer on the other so I split and I joined this outfit -.
2002–2005 - Off the Rails –  [Seems all very well named.] [The editor - GG]
2005–2006 - Sovereign – My biggest mistake. A band that played Rock and Roll very badly. How can you get three chords wrong?  I only stayed for two .
Dave had moved south to Tiverton, Devon in 2006 and met subsequently joined the group "Fiv5way".
20062014 -  Fiv5way
Personnel - Nikki (voc), Dave West  (l/gtr), Mike (rhy.gtr), Lorraine (bass), Gary (drums)
Dave became involved in releasing both solo CD's and was responsible for the recording and production of Fiv5way's CD's, publicity material and the groups website. (no longer operative]. "In 2014 I decided that enough was enough." Subsequently Fiv5way disbanded. (Dave)

[Editor] Dave demonstrates a concise controlled approach lead guitar and has a vocal good range whether fronting or harmony. Quoting Dave he "has acquired wealth of experience" and from my own experience is a positive force in whatever band that he works with. Which probably accounts for fact that he has appeared at some of the country's most prestigious venues either in bands to which he was a member or as session musician for the gig.
Addendum: I am in touch with Dave and although not playing gigs is still active. 27/09/15 [GG]
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