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Brian Diamond & the Exit band

Paul Huggett Biography

Paul HuggettPaul Hugget - guitarist


Fender Stratocaster


Brian Diamond & the Exit

Paul in his own words:
Starting with my first live gig at a school concert, playing a lesser well-known instrumental by The Who called "Waltz  for a pig".
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My first real band where we didn’t all play through one amp was called Scorpio.
A  basic four piece combo line up based in Croydon with myself on lead guitar, Dave Fuller (rhythm guitar), Brian Nibbs (bass) and Tom ? (drums) still to be remembered - Help!

Scorpio predominatly played cover versions in working men's clubs and private functions mostly in South East London.

Our one claim to fame was auditioning for New Faces and Opportunity knocks and failing to get any further. All say "Ah......"

After that it was with Brian Diamond and the Exit - which covers about 20 years.We had some pretty good times.

[Addendum: Paul was one a number of guitarist's interviewed. His experience and general knowledge of the numbers Exit were playing did a lot to swing his acceptance into the band.]

After Exit disbanded I joined Phoenix and am still on the road doing much of the same tried and tested musical format.


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Brian Diamond and the Exit

Exit at the Wimbldon Town Hall (1976)
Brian Diamond and the Exit

Paul with Exit in Kensington (1985)

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