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Ray  Keane Biography
Ray KeaneRay Keane - drums
Born: 1946 London


Ray and I came together through one of my first bands - The Morells (originally named "the Junkies"), Ray was never happy with it, hence the change. That was in 1964. Ray subsequently played with the Yo Yo band before moving on.

Notable events were an appearance at the ABC cinema Tooting on 22 January, 1965, and probably one of the first open air pop concerts to be staged on the 5th of June 1965 in Carshalton, we even had "Go Go" dancers on stage. (GG)

1967 Ray went on to joined a dance band called Fox Four Five (confusingly this was actually a 4 piece and played mainly strict tempo material. - well Ray was always good at keeping up the tempo. The technical kind of drumming that drives the pulse in a band. Ray picks up the story.....

1968 During this time I joined the British Legion Military Band and played with them at the Royal Tournament in Earls Court for 2 years running. [more discipline]

1968 Joined a band called Wavelength and went off to play in Germany (Kaiserslautern). The band split up on return to UK and the keyboard player (Emmanuel Rentzos) went on to join KomKoma and Osibisa where he remains to date.

1970 Joined Vintage 27 with Dave West, Nick Lunn & Alan Camburn. This band stayed together for about 17 years and became a 5 piece with various female singers and a few changes of bass players including Pete Giles from King Crimson. The band had a couple of name changes during its life including Pendulum and eventually Jade. And as you might expect reading this I sat in as deputizing drummer with Exit on many occasions.

1990 Formed my own 5 piece function band called Capital City. The keyboard player Terry Calcott also played with Doug Higgins in the Clive Peerless Band.

1993 Joined a band called Deziner, a five piece band based around Crawley.

2002 to Date Formed BackTrack with Ian Lucie (guitar), Alan Lucie (lead), Nick Lunn (kbrds) & Clive Axford (bass). Due to illness, Alan's place was covered in 2012 by various guitarists including Rob Davis from "Mud" and Ian Pearce who, following Alan's death  became a permanent band member. In 2015 Clive bowed out and his replacement
Alan Woodward took over bass. Other deputizing musicians have included, Ray Stiles (Mud/Hollies) and Mark Reid (A1) (see right).

The Morells (1965)
Ray Keane  (Morells - 1965)

Emmanuel Rentzos
Emmanuel Rentzos (Konkoma/Osibisa)
Carshalton Open Air Pop Concert June, 1965

Carshalton Open Air Pop Concert June, 1965
BackTrack ( Dec2012)BackTrack at Epson Downs "End of Tour" concert.

BackTrack (June 2013)
BackTrack in Cyprus (2013)

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BackTrack ( 2016)

BackTrack 2016 @ Epsom Race Course

Live at the Epsom Race Course
with the "Dancing Girls".
Note:  Mark Reid on the  far right.

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