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Pete SpencerPete Spencer - 2012-2017
session musician
music teacher
Peter Spencer was born in Yorkshire, it would seem that music was destined to play an important part in Peter’s life. However, a stint at Camberwell Arts College studying to be designer almost changed that.

Pete's early career as a musician saw him play with groups such as Soft Machine and sessions with the Foundations.

I first met Pete when seeking a replacement for John Dowling (resident guitarist in the Yo Yo Band. When Pete joined the band went up a notch higher and the name changed to “Process”. We had a good run doing the clubs and public houses in and around South London.

In 1973 he joined Brian Diamond - my suggestion. The band were doing clubs, pubs, hotels and weddings, “middle of the road stuff” and subsequently the masonic circuit. Pete had always wanted to expand his knowledge and career as a session musician and left in 1977 to achieve this.

Since then he has toured with the R & R Daddy of them all – Bill Haley (1978) (select graphic for link to YouTube). Has been involved in radio sessions with Barry White - the Love Unlimited Orchestra.

Toured with Frank Sinatra,
Mantonvani and shared the stage with Mel Torme' at the Royal Albert Hall during the 1980's.

Latterly Pete has played in the Dave Brown band, (sadly deceased 1999) and had a successful 13 year collaboration with the Ray Rich Band. 1997 saw release of the "Upsetter" CD,  the cover being designed by Peter's wife -
 see bottom right.                               Susan Hayter-Spencer.

Pete's career has included private teaching, along with having his own studio
(Hideaway Studios) in South London. Collaborations with Brian, Martin & myself on studio sessions as "Exit 2012" also with Peppin Clout instrumentalist/composter.

Pete can also be found performing with "Honey B Mama" (Cleo Sylvestre) at the Rosemary Branch public house, N1 and other venues in London. (see audio player).

***seen here with special guest Mick Eve,
For  more on this.***see "Films Free to View"

Peter's latest adventure has been at the Woodford Music Fest (4th - 6th Oct) playing with "Rebranded" consisting of Pete (gtr), Mick Scriven (piano) and Alf Mitchell (drms).
A tour of 6 gigs in all and well received by all reports.
see below

Hideaway Studios
The Yo Yo Band
Railway Hotel- Putney (1969) John Dowling 2and from right
Yo Yo Band
Process (1969-1971)
Malcolm Tillier, George Gillam, Bill Bucknall, Pete Spencer
The Process (1969)
Brian Diamond & The Exit (late 1972)
Ursula, Pete Spencer and Doug Higgins shown here.
George Gillam, Ray Field and Brian out of shot

Brian Diamond & The Exit Band (late 1972)
Exit (1977 line up)
Pete Spencer, Brian Diamond, Doug Higgins, Ray Field
Doug Higgins - 2012
Exit (1978 line up)
Pete Spencer, Martin Kirby, (Pete Phipps), George Gillam
The Process (1969)

Exit (1978 line up)
Pete Spencer, Martin Kirby, (Pete Phipps), George Gillam

The Process (1969)
The Dave Brown Band (1985)
Peter (gtr), unknown (drms), Dave Brown (kbds)
Dave Brown Band (actually his son at the organ - not bad either.)

(Pic2 - is Dave's son on the organ - not bad either.)

Pete with Bill Haley (1979)
Pete Spencer on tour with Bill Haley (1979)

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