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George Gillam Biography

George Gillam
Born:1945George Gillam - Keyboards
Keyboards, guitar
Hammond GT7
Yamaha DX7
Roland SH1000
Technics KN800
Epiphone FT145
Yamaha APX500
An autobiography, originally from South London, son of an electronics engineer, and fine pianist. Music has played (excuse the pun) a major part of my life. Self taught, played guitar at 16, mother found my repeated attempts to do multiple recordings annoying - met up with a few like minded friends and started a band playing  the then, modern R&B (e.g Bo Diddley, Downliners Sect, etc. Joined another band when I met bass player Terry Stanford, Alan McCoy and Ray Keane (see right).

We were not that good but played clubs, even the ABC Cinema Tooting and a pop concert in Carshalton arranged by a local agency - Concorde Productions.  Brian Ling (bass/voc/MC) ran the business, situated in Micham Lane, Streatham.   (Oh heady days!.)

Time past and Terry was replaced by Bill Bucknell on bass, Alan moved so a new recruit John  Dowling joined. John could not only play guitar but trumpet well. Both skills brought very new dimensions to the band, Thus the band was renamed the "Yo Yo band" from the blues song "You've got the right string baby but the wrong Yo Yo". We were doing quite well, quite a few Town halls, a "Grown Up's party" attended by Radio London DJ Tony Windsor and a residency at the Rochester public house off Rochester Way, Kent. At this point Ray had the opportunity to go to Germany and left the band. Strange at it may seem one door opened as another shut. A residency at the Railway Hotel in Putney.

1969 saw things change again and John left, his replacement was Pete Spencer, he too brought a further development in music to the band. The band changed name again to the "Process" These were 5 good years.

In 1973 I received a call from Brian Diamond, who needed a keyboard player my turn to move. The first gig had its moment - I was asked if I could play bass pedals? (the bassist had not turned up!) Fortunately for Brian I could.

The next 23 years where spent with Brian in Exit playing clubs, hotels, functions and concerts. There  were sessions with other groups in that time, one in particular comes to mind; June, 1977 spent the day with the "Pearly King" at the Oxford Street celebration party. Their drummer - Don Castor was my point of contact - a lot of fun it was to (see pics).

These days I split my time between two websites, audio restoration and the odd session. Recent events have included rebuilding un-released material for Brian and another 60's band - The Riot Squad.

The Morells (1964) (Lto R)   movie
George Gillam, Alan McCoy, Ray Keane, Terry Stanford

The Morrels -  1964 George, Alan, Ray,Terry
The Yo Yo Band (1965-69)  movie

Tony Windsor with the  Yo Yo band

The Yo Yo Band (1968) Railway Tavern Putney

One door shuts and another one opens
Bill Bucknall, Dep, John Dowling, George Gillam
Process at the Merton Social  Club (early 1971 )
Process (1970)

Bill Bucknall, Malcom Tillier, (Dep gtr), George Gillam
Process at the Carshalton Social  Club (1970 )
Process (1970)
Malcom Tillier, George Gillam, Bill Bucknall, Pete Spencer
The Pearly Kings. (1977)   movie
The Pearly Kings - Oxford Street party 1977

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