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Dedicated to Chris Long & Dave James Biography Bands covered here

To tell the story of the members of these bands whom were all at one time or another members of, or depping with Exit is to have a whole new area, this page is dedicate to one and all of them. May be one day in the future all that will be done.

It all started with The Vikings (1963-1965) at that time the 
equipment was supplied by Watkins Music and oh those Rapier guitars. The members comprised:

Allan Collings - rhythm/vocals
Martin Kirby - bass
Ray Smith - lead/vocals
Dave Makepeace - drums

In 1964 the group cut an extended play (E.P.) vinyl disc for demo purposes, which has now be digitally remastered.

Ray Smith went on to become a professional musician in the groups Hackensack, Mott and a later version of the Yard birds.

Inner Circle (1) 1965-1967

Allan Collings - lead/vocals
Steve Darnell - main vocalist
John Harrington - drums
Bernard (Bear) Back - bass
Len Jones - rhythm

Chris Long replaced Len Jones on rhythm in 1966

Inner Circle (2) 1967-1970

Allan Collings - guitar/vocals
Chris Long - guitar/vocals
Martin Kirby - bass
Don James - drums

In 1969 the group cut a single (7"demo) containing two self penned songs by Chris Long, to our knowledge only 4 copies exist.  This has also been digitally remastered.              

Inner Circle band morphed into Stormy Monday (1970-1972) then Dry Ice (1972-1973) and mainly did mid-week pub gigs!

Chapter 4 1965-1973

Keith Willis - rhythm/vocals
Ken Bates - bass/vocals
Don James - drums (1965-1967)
Dave James - drums/vocals (1967-1973)
Phil Rosier - lead (1965-1970)
Allan Collings - lead (1970-1973)

Pegasus 1974-1981

Allan Collings - guitar/vocals
Chris Long - guitar/vocals
Ken Bates - bass/vocals
Dave James - drums/vocals

Chris went on to play in Workshop, Tobias Wragg (rehearsals only) and Nectar (before he died in May, 1986. Update: The history of Nectar is now available. Click Link

Editorial note: Chris had been prolific song writer during his short life and recordings have come to light of some of the early rehearsals, this material B-S is currently undertaking the restoration of, one of Chris Longs songs can be heard in the sample sounds area.

Phoenix 1982-present day,

Allan Collings - guitar/keyboards/vocals
Ken Bates - bass/vocals
Dave James - drums/vocals (1982-2002) (Dave died 2002)
Don James - drums/vocals (2002-present)
Andrew Lloyd - rhythm/vocals (1982-1987)
Stuart Wilkinson - guitar/keyboards/vocals (1988-1994)
Paul Huggett - guitar/keyboards/vocals (1994-present)

As you can see, it's all a bit incestuous but I guess that's how bands work.


(1982-present day)
Inner Circle
(1965-1967), 1967-1970)
Chapter 4
The Vikings
The Vikings - 1963
The Inner Circle - 1966
Chapter 4
Chapter 4 
Inner Circle (2)Inner Circle 2 - 1967-70
PegasusPegasus PhoenixPheonix 2012
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