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Brian Diamond & the Exit band
Brian Diamond Biography
Brian Dimond  (real name) Brian Diamond - in 2012

Where: Tooting
Shure mic's
Describing Brian and creating a biography of a very talented man was never going to be easy.
Brian has a unique voice, and an ability to write lyrics which pose questions of those who hear them.
His career started in a Skiffle group known as the "Side Kicks"  (1959 - 1960). Personnel
Alan Rose (vocals), Brian Dimond (rhythm guitar), Lenny Moorehouse (lead guitar), Budgie Overton (bass), Arthur Bonny (drums). see right

In 1961 he joined the already reasonably successful John Upchurch (better known as "Earl Baron". Playing gigs in and around South London, and a 2 year stint at the Castle public house, Tooting. The line up consisted of Les Thatcher (gtr), John Poole (Bass), Alan Greenwell (drms) John UpChurch (voc), Brian  (gtr/voc and  Geof Gill (sax).
A dry cleaner by trade in 1963 he put this aside to go professional and formed the Cutters with Les Thatcher (gtr), John Poole (Bass), Alan Greenwell (drms) and himself vocals and rhythm guitar.

For an extensive history the reader may like to visit Harry Houben's website dedicated to Brian's early career. It deals with Brian's time with the Cutters.
There are a couple pictures here to illustrate those early years. He was quite successful, but not in the UK. Germany and Europe beckoned and in 1965 he made an appearance on German television singing his hit record -  "Big Bad Wolf" (in German no less!). *The TV station - NDR in Hamburg (Norddeutscher Rundfunk Hamburg), the program was called "Die aktuelle Schaubude". It ran on  Saturday night at 19:15. (*courtesy of Harry Houben).

In all between 1963/65 they released 5 records and appeared in the film "The Beauty Jungle". (see Amazon).
The group went on tour both in the UK and abroad performing and support for other stars such as Mike Sarne, Craig Douglas, Tony Orlando, Billie Davis, John Leyton. Johnny Thunder, the Caravelles and Millie until about 1969 when the Cutters broke up.

Brian started Exit in 1973, by the time I had joined him, Doug Higgins (drums) was already there. Lead guitarist Les Thatcher was becoming busy with professional work. At this point Brian was seeking to pull together various reliable musicians, hence the various musicians found in these pages.

in the early years played clubs, pubs and  hotels playing pop covers, middle of the road and dance music. One of most frequent venues was the Russ Hill Hotel, Gatwick. (see right). During the following years hotels, civic centers became the main stay our time. together spanned some 25 years in total; Brian retired - well sort of.  In 2012 he returned to writing lyrics in collaboration with some of the members of Exit, the aim of producing a new CD. (A work in progress).In 2013 Brian was approached by the French film company (Mille et Une) for the use of his song "Shake, Shout & Go" song in their film  "Our Hero's Died Tonight", which is now on release.
The Side Kicks (1959-1961)
The Sidekicks (1959-1960)
*Gr1 The Castle , Tooting (1959) 
*Gr2 courtesy of Douglas Steeds
"The Craven Club", Battersea  (26/02/1960)
Earl Baron Five (1960-1962)
The Earl Baron 5 (1960-62)
Brian Diamond & the Cutters (1964)
Brian Diamond & the Cutters (1964)
Dedication - Les Thatcher (1940-1997)

Brian Diamond & The Exit

Brian Diamond and The Exit (1985) movie
Brian Diamond & Exit (1985)

Addendum - piracy!

On the 22 Sept 2014 - performing live @ Le Trokson, Lyon,
France the group "Missing Souls" performed then released
a cover version of  "Shake, Shout & Go!". see player
In 2015 a US band (The Outta Sites) recorded  cover version
of "Shake, Shout & Go".
(You can find versions of both on YouTube)

The shame of it is they did not ask permission first!
Brian holds the recording rights to this and other songs.
Any use should be addressed to PRS or Bonanza-Studios
whom act as Brian Diamond's agents in these matters.

Brian on NDR German Television (1965)

Brian on German TV (1965) (Early video/demo promo)

Brian Diamond and The Exit - 1973
Brian Diamond & the Exit (1973)

Almost resident...
Brian and George sing "Mary Lou"Brian (2012)
Brian and George (2012)  movie

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Brian  23-01-2016
Brian supporting
BackTrack at the Railway Tavern, Carshalton

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